Virgo & Aries

The Aries and Virgo are quite low in compatibility being of the opposite Fire and Earth elements. This combination is not even considered as the average one and it is quite suitable for both to part their ways or keep away from each other. The relationship between Aries and Virgo works only in the case Virgo makes adjustments which are not expected from Aries in any manner.

The characteristics of Aries and Virgo are at the two opposite ends of a pole. You cannot expect the Aries to be as systematic like the Virgo. Both have a quite different attitude that makes it difficult for them to arise on a common plane regarding different things.   

Virgo & Taurus

Taurus and Virgo are the earthly duo that makes the perfect match with high level of compatibility. If you manage to find the Virgo then it may be a dream come true situation and you must not let it go from your life. You both are looking for the same things like interests in art and culture and craving for materialistic possession.

Taurus people are good advisors and have the capabilities of satiating people of their fears and worries; it helps you in consoling Virgo who has a slot of worries like what will people think of them. By being with Taurus, Virgo can easily calm down and concentrate on the essential parts of life including money, peace and harmony.

Virgo & Gemini

Gemini and Virgo: Makes a combination that has quite low compatibility with each other. This brings the Air and earth together, making it difficult to patch with each other. Yet the Gemini and Virgo belong to same master the mercury they have different adaptation of the virtues that comes from their sun sign ruler. Gemini are communicators and Virgo are the thinkers which makes it difficult for them to appear on the same plane as both takes the meaning of a same thing differently.

Virgos react a bit slowly, on the other hand, Gemini gives instant reactions which can be detrimental at times and Gemini gets bored easily pretty soon. The tendency to remain unorganized makes it intolerable for Virgo, which creates reluctance and conflicts among them.

Virgo & Cancer

When Cancer and Virgo make a bond that is supposed to be one of the best combinations that we may find in the astrological world. This becomes possible due to their abilities to adopt with each other. Both are highly compatible as Cancer brings in the emotion and Gemini, is known for the intellect. Thus, this is a bright combination of the emotions and systems that yields excellent results.
Cancer is full of emotions, and keeps on fluctuating while Gemini fastens him/her to the basic level of thinking making it possible to form a stable union. Both have the zeal to fulfill each other’s passion and lead to a life that is full of admiration for one another and a lot of passionate love.

Virgo & Leo

Virgo is a master of criticism and is a perfectionist .Virgo’s having a sense of extra detail and criticizing without a reason. Virgo expects a lot from the partner as he needs the constant feel of being protected. The intelligence of a Virgo will attract a Leo but a Virgo cannot understand the Leo’s need to be appreciated.
While Virgo love to save the Leo can be a spendthrift .A Leo’s need to enjoy a sophisticated life cannot go down well with a Virgo. A Virgo can be quite inflexible and the Leo’s need to rule may not be possible with him/her. However a Virgo is very passionate so to make this thing work you just have to be a little extra patient and you will love being with him/her.

Virgo & Virgo

It is often said that two sun signs cannot be compatible with each other. On the contrary, two Virgos are perfectly capable of coexisting, since they are similar fundamentally, yet very different.
They agree on most things, and though minor clashes happen for the position of power, they are resolved immediately and harmony is restored. They are both deep thinkers, and tend to communicate very freely with each other. The only glitch might be that they might get too carried away, personally or professionally, and grow distant to one another. They are both frugal with spending, and handle any business responsibly and practically. They will never be bored of each other, and this ensures a perfect relationship in the long run.

Virgo & Libra

A relationship between a Virgo and a Libra is said to be always at the edge. While a Virgo is reserved and down-to-earth, a Libra is always ready to socialize and have fun. This might lead to issues what with the Virgo being dominant and possessive, and the Libra getting upset very easily. While a Virgo is said to be a perfectionist, a Libra’s inherent untidiness might infuriate the Virgo from time to time, sometimes to the extent of walking out. 

Then again, a Libra is a charmer, and a master of romance. They are very good at coaxing and bringing out the fun side in a Virgo, and this ensures that the initial spark in the relationship stays alive forever.

Virgo & Scorpio

Virgo and Scorpio are usually very compatible, as Earth merges into Water and the cycle completes. They are complementary to each other- for instance, a Scorpio is always ready to receive any criticism made by the perfectionist Virgo. They both accept their own flaws, which makes the relationship easier.
Further, Scorpio has self-confidence, which helps the Virgo in opening up and bravely falling in love with them. Also, Scorpio is always careful about financials, so a life together is perfectly managed.
Lastly, Scorpio and Virgo share a deep, intellectual attraction with each other. They are both creative, and while the latter is imaginative, the former is a visionary. This results in a long, often alluring, and peaceful relationship between the two signs.

Virgo & Sagittarius

Virgo and Sagittarius have a very complicated relationship. For starters, Virgo, being ruled by Earth, is a stable sign, and Sagittarius, governed by Fire, is a highly unstable sign.
A Sagittarius tends to be volatile, often mobile, in the constant need to relocate and travel the length, whereas a Virgo tends to be at home in a comfortable place, shy and reserved. The signs usually do not see eye to eye on the same things, and thus, things tend to take a turn for the worse very often. A Sagittarius merely dismisses concepts like loyalty and faithfulness, whereas a Virgo worships them. This may make the relationship seem like it does not have a future or a direction, and there is always a missing element with both these signs.

Virgo & Capricorn

Virgo and Capricorn, both being Earth signs, have a few striking similarities. Both of them are hard-working and ambitious, and they tend to hold positions of power in both their professional and personal lives. They are both mindful of their expenditure, and good with finances. They even have the same likes and dislikes, since they are both Earth signs.
Then again, they have stark differences too. While Virgo is a perfectionist, a Capricorn is too, perhaps a little more than the Virgo, and this might sour things up when the Capricorn takes over. Also, the Capricorn’s sense of humor might not be liked by the Virgo, who tends to be a bit serious by nature.
Capricorn is not very sentimental, but Virgo tends to look beneath that shell. They therefore have a perfect understanding of one another.

Virgo & Aquarius

The relationship between the Virgo, an earth sign, and the Aquarius, and Air sign, is very questionable. They do have quite a few similarities, but more often are not, those similarities are inadequate to sustain a long, healthy relationship.
While the Aquarius is a dreamer, unobservant and air-headed, Virgo tends to be stubborn, meticulous and practical. This might lead to a lot of clashes between the two signs, which is unhealthy in the long run. Though both of them connect to each other at a higher intellectual level, they are often at war with their approach towards the same. The Virgo also, quite often, tends to suffocate the Aquarius, which then quits as soon as it sees an opportunity. Therefore, a relationship between these signs is not built to last very long.

Virgo & Pisces

Virgo and Pisces, Air and Water signs respectively, are either compatible or incompatible- there is no in-between. More often than not, a Pisces is in its own world, without a care about the real one down here. They tend to be sympathetic, and exclusivity with them might be difficult to achieve.
The more precise Virgo is, the vaguer Pisces is. It is very difficult for anyone to have a full constant attention of Pisces, let alone a Virgo. Also, a Pisces might not care about being taken advantage of, since the sign is altruistic in nature. This might spark a rage in the Virgo, who does not like such relationships.
If a Virgo truly wishes to reduce the chaos in the life of a Pisces, it can do so. This will ensure a somewhat wobbly, but still, a stable relationship.