Taurus & Aries

The combination of  elemental characteristics of earth and fire of these zodiac duo is responsible the lot of difficulties for both. The signs predict that Taurus and Aries have a quite different nature, where Aries is quite enthusiastic and fast, Taurus is slow and steady in nature. This difference in their nature puts this combo in category of fairly compatible couple, where the relationship can be sustained provided both settle to manage their moods and habits.

Aries have to keep a composure on their nature and slow down their pace for matching with the slow attitude of Taurus. If Aries can settle to look into the positives of the Taurus like stability, safety, and avoiding the risks, and on the other hand, if Taurus improves on speed, then it can be a balanced relationship that creates a secure and lively environment for both.

Taurus and Taurus

This is the rock solid combination that can become a foundation for the lifelong relationship between the two Taurus people. The dedication and posessiveness play an important role in any relationship that are fundamental characteristics of Taurus; therefore you may have a lasting relationship with each other.
They make an adorable couple as both have large similarities like, practical approach, tolerance, deep sensuality and craving for common interests like food, luxuries and more.
The problem arises when these common interests, develop boredom and you start looking for a change or excitement in life. So all what is required is the knack of fresh air that can make you feel more lively and bring in some pace in place of steadiness to keep things alive.

Taurus & Gemini

Talking in terms of compatibility, the combination of the Earth and Air take a lot of efforts to be together. The same is with Taurus and Gemini. These two are fairly compatible with each other, but require a lot of efforts in making a sustainable relationship due to different qualities. Gemini is a bit careless as compared with Taurus and takes decision in a hasty manner, while Taurus looks at things in much patient manner.

If the passion shared by Taurus can be managed by Gemini then this couple may create wonderful stories. Both have to make some changes like Taurus has to start indulging in the pleasure trips and parties that are loved by Gemini. On the other hand, Gemini has to learn the art of keeping patience in life and taking practical decisions which is required for good relationship.

Taurus & Cancer

They are simply made for each other couple that has strong bonding with each other and known for excellent compatibility. Both come together and share a lot of similarities which makes them the perfect fit. The Earth and Water elements get infused to create great shapes. So is the relationship that has common goals like, family, home and stability. Apart your sensuality is at the same peak, which helps you understand each other’s feeling without even expressing it to another.
Both have materialistic approach that helps them understand the concerns about money, stability and safety. Along with this both loves luxuries and share passion for beautiful things which keep them attached to each other.

Taurus & Leo

This is a combination that has rare chances for higher affinity and is quite low in compatibility with each other. There are a lot of differences in your preferences and expectations from life which makes it difficult to have a sustainable relationship. Taurus is looking at the things in a different way and believes to have security in life with stability and materialistic approach. While Leo an extremist that puts in efforts to command others and want to become the center of attraction.
The absence of patience and compassion in Leo’s dictionary makes it difficult for Taurus to comply with. They can manage to be together if both can focus on the similar aspects of life like the needs of fulfillment, and common interests like craving for a beautiful house and stuff and material possessions.

Taurus & Virgo

Taurus and Virgo are the earthly duo that makes the perfect match with high level of compatibility. If you manage to find the Virgo then it may be a dream come true situation and you must not let it go from your life. You both are looking for the same things like interests in art and culture and craving for materialistic possession.

Taurus people are good advisors and have the capabilities of satiating people of their fears and worries; it helps you in consoling Virgo who has a slot of worries like what will people think of them. By being with Taurus, Virgo can easily calm down and concentrate on the essential parts of life including money, peace and harmony.

Taurus & Libra

Taurus and Libra; this is a combination that show moderate compatibility with each other. It is largely dependent on the room that you can make for one another and the level of compromise that decides the fate of your relationship. Taurus symbolizes earth and has a steady and slow attitude, while Libra that depicts the Air has quite a vibrant attitude. When both come together the chances of a promising relation doesn’t exist at all due to the distinct virtues.

Taurus cannot cope with the talkative habits of Libra and often discard the irrational behavior towards the things. You cannot expect Libra to be calculative and firm on decisions which is just opposite to Taurus and leads to conflicts.

Taurus & Scorpio

Taurus and Scorpio, the combination that is believed to have a good level of compatibility and can lead to a successful relationship. You both have some similar qualities like the firm determination, energy and unquenchable will power. These virtues make you people reluctant about the outside world and you carry on with the ideas that you have.
Taurus natives are a bit hypnotized with the Scorpions due to their attractive personality. The fusion of Earth and Water element is quite feasible and so is the relationship that you share with each other. You are willing to acquire the virtues in yourself as that of the qualities that Scorpio has, like expressiveness, enthusiasm and innovative approach that you want to inculcate in yourself.

Taurus & Sagittarius

It is very difficult for Taurus to adjust with Sagittarius as both are quite opposite in nature. This is a fairly compatible relationship that may last at the price of compromises that Taurus has to make in order to keep things going. If you want to be with Sagittarius you must be ready to take on the silly things (as you feel) for granted.

The enthusiast Sagittarius plans abruptly and you need to be ready to move on a trip at the eleventh hour notice. Yes the Sagittarius is too moody and you need to catch up with them for setting the pace. Taurus cannot manage to give up on the possessiveness that may create troubles in the relationship.



Taurus & Capricorn

The duo with the Earthen sign; this is considered as a highly compatible combination where both have the ample room to flourish and help the other to nurture freely. It is a quite promising relationship that is prudent for both due their fine level of understanding and devotion. The Capricorn makes Taurus believe that there are things other than the set routine and can be quite promising.

This leads them to experiment with the new ideas which are not possible otherwise. Apart the Capricorns surrender themselves to Taurus as they believe that there cannot be true love other then Taurus. The best part is that Taurus helps them to overcome the pessimistic thinking with their advice and consolation.

Taurus & Aquarius

Taurus and Aquarius make the combination that is falling short in terms of compatibility. This is a dull combination that brings the Earth and Air together and which has no anchors to fasten the pull of attraction.
Aquarius has a charming personality with some mysterious element which often portrays them as a cold person. This attracts the Taurus towards them, but when Aquarius opens up, things are quite different which baffles both of them. The contrasts of their characteristics make them incompatible with each other.

Taurus doesn’t have the tolerance to cope up with the ardent energy that Aquarius brings in their life and their rebellious thoughts and behavior becomes the root cause of conflicts.

Taurus & Pisces

Taurus and Pisces couple signifies the combination of the earth and water. This is a better combination where both are quite compatible with each other. They make a good match due to their complementary characteristics. Both can fulfill the shortcomings of each other like Taurus is quite rustic in nature while Pisces doesn’t have the enough control over the materialistic things. They can easily find their way to complement each other.

Pisces can teach them about bringing the subtle passion in life and Taurus may give then the secure feel regarding the worldly matters. Pisces often surrenders to the firm belief that Taurus put in them and love from the bottom of heart which makes a lasting relationship.