Scorpio & Aries

Scorpio brings sustainability to the initiator Aries who is known to come up with great plans and even execute them .Aries is a sign which is open minded to fresh ideas and even knows how to give others credit for them. The attraction is evidently very strong since the beginning and you will truly complement each other.

However in the long run problems will surface because Scorpio tends to annoy an Aries and Aries with its energy might exhaust the Scorpio partner. Scorpio will be concerned about in-depth matters of heart while Aries will not devote much time to them. Aries loves to socialize and shine at events while Scorpio tends to avoid going there .Aries would want to be the center of attention of a party while a Scorpio would want him to be at home with him/her.

Scorpio & Taurus

Taurus and Scorpio, the combination that is believed to have a good level of compatibility and can lead to a successful relationship. You both have some similar qualities like the firm determination, energy and unquenchable will power. These virtues make you people reluctant about the outside world and you carry on with the ideas that you have.
Taurus natives are a bit hypnotized with the Scorpions due to their attractive personality. The fusion of Earth and Water element is quite feasible and so is the relationship that you share with each other. You are willing to acquire the virtues in yourself as that of the qualities that Scorpio has, like expressiveness, enthusiasm and innovative approach that you want to inculcate in yourself.


Scorpio & Gemini

Gemini and Scorpio are known to have fair compatibility, but they make fabulous couple. They are coming from the Air and Water family, which are not considered as a good match. The majority of the relations between Gemini and Scorpio is found to be superficial built at a physical plane only. Scorpio is quite possessive in nature that irritates Gemini and he/she wants to get out of the suffocated relationship.

On the other hand, Gemini gets attracted towards Scorpio due to charming personality and passionate behavior, but cannot manage to keep on the sustained love as they are busy with a variety of things. During a long run the carelessness of Gemini towards Scorpio increases that becomes the root cause of conflicts leading to disrupted relationship.

Scorpio & Cancer

The duo from the same family of the zodiac that represent the Water element is highly compatible with each other. Cancer has the ability to surrender in front of one s/he admires, and willingly follows him/her. This makes the cancer natives feel secure and gives them the sense of emotional stability. Scorpios are quite dominating in nature that matches the expectations of Cancer and let them open up easily.
Cancer feels secure and quite satiated with the contented behavior of Scorpio and get sentimentally attached to them easily because of the care that s/he has for him/her. Cancer has the ability to cope with the tremendous energy that Scorpio has and can easily manage to make him/her calm down.

Scorpio & Leo

Scorpio is a mysterious sun sign even if he finds a Leo interesting she/he may not tell that. Scorpio has a good intuition and so will take advantage of that and manipulate the Leo easily. Scorpio is possessive and the Leo may not like it.The difficult and moody nature of a Scorpio may not go down well with a Leo.
Scorpio is difficult because (s)he opens up very hard: although (s)he may talk much, it will take you much patience and tact to get to Scorpio's soul. And it is very possible that you get bored on the way.
Scorpio wants to be in charge and will not be able to grasp a Leo’s need for appreciation .S/he is difficult to open up and since both are stubborn sun signs a long term relationship may be ruled out.

Scorpio & Virgo

Virgo and Scorpio are usually very compatible, as Earth merges into Water and the cycle completes. They are complementary to each other- for instance, a Scorpio is always ready to receive any criticism made by the perfectionist Virgo. They both accept their own flaws, which makes the relationship easier.
Further, Scorpio has self-confidence, which helps the Virgo in opening up and bravely falling in love with them. Also, Scorpio is always careful about financials, so a life together is perfectly managed.
Lastly, Scorpio and Virgo share a deep, intellectual attraction with each other. They are both creative, and while the latter is imaginative, the former is a visionary. This results in a long, often alluring, and peaceful relationship between the two signs.

Scorpio & Libra

Libra, being an Air sign and Scorpio, being a Water sign, famously do not mix very well. While a Scorpio is a very complex being, a Libra is relatively simple to understand. A Scorpio does not love conventionally, and hence, it might be a little difficult for the Libra to decipher its love.
A Scorpio is an inherent introvert, which might not gel well with the socialite Libra, since their ways of spending time together often clash. Also, since the Scorpio is very complex, with a variety of emotions flickering on and off, this might confuse the air-headed Libra and ultimately bore them. A Scorpio cannot usually provide the stability and the loyalty that a Libra needs in a long term relationship.

Scorpio & Scorpio

Scorpio’s are attracted to each other mysterious nature and the impact that they have on others. Both of you will try to govern the other and conceal information about them. Be very sure under the calm façade of a Scorpio is a Volcano waiting to burst .Both will have same qualities and will understand the other partners emotions well.

You both will create your own world in which there is love, trust and appreciation. Sometimes you may not even have to say it in words. Both can be very stubborn at times and it is difficult for two such people to stay together. Scorpio will never give up if there is an argument. Even if a Scorpio may be wrong she will not end the argument and if you don’t come on a common ground then it can be a long discussion.

Scorpio & Sagittarius

The Sagittarius-Scorpio relationship requires a changeless adjustment from them two, on the grounds that both signs are profoundly enthusiastic. Sagittarius likes feeling safe and as covered up as would be prudent keeping in mind the end goal to experience the emotional and sensual union with amazing attractiveness. (S)He tries either to end up subject to the individual (s)he adores through possessive connection or to sublimate his/her brutal side in a hoisted and heavenly relationship. Scorpio likes achieving the tops of light and soul, whether to mirror a hypostasis of Heaven through adoration, or to appreciate, in his/her surely understood childishness, a mind-boggling satisfaction. There are, in this way, two "neighbors" - a magical and a spiritualist one - on the same top: blind union of interests or their profound discharge through the greatness of the individual's primitive nature. 

Scorpio & Capricorn

Scorpio’s flaws are treated as qualities by a Capricorn who himself is insecure and an introvert .According to him these defects depict love and make him/her feel protected in this relation. Capricorn is hardworking and wants to climb his success ladder soon. A Scorpio will support a Capricorn well and will help him/her in coming close to your heart.
Capricorn’s stable mind will assure you a safe future. You will have to use your special charm at times to keep the Capricorn from staying late at office. Capricorn’s strange sense of humor may provide you with the fun element to make this relationship working for long.Since both are good negotiators you will find solutions to daily problems. A Scorpio’s intuition will help the Capricorn in achieving his career goals.

Scorpio & Aquarius

Aquarius takes any relationship as a way of enlarging his knowledge as it is a very detached sun sign .This can cause discontent as any time Aquarius will spend time with his friends, leaving you at home she might not even realize that you are upset about it.The desire to be independent is so big for an Aquarian that he may not understand your possessiveness, forget abiding with your rules.

You love staying at home while Aquarius wants change and staying at home gives him a trapped feel .S/he wants to roam, meet friends and find out what’s happening. Since both are fixed signs it is difficult to make anyone change or convince and any small argument can escalate into something big. Most fights start with the Aquarius need to be independent which can sometimes get on your nerves dear Scorpio.

Scorpio & Pisces

Scorpio and Pisces are soul mates. A Scorpio has the same emotional framework as a Piscean .He is faithful and discreet and that works with a Pisces on the other side. A Scorpio is an intense lover and his feelings like a Pisces are very very strong. Scorpio people however are jealous in nature and is an enigmatic personality.He wants to be loved but also to be left alone sometimes..
To make this partnership perfect a Pisces needs to make a Scorpio talk .A Pisces sensitive nature can reach out to Scorpio and help him in clearing his thoughts a little.This obviously is hard work, but not for our Pisces who himself is a spiritualist and is hence able to touch a Scorpio’s soul.