Pisces & Aries

This combination of the Fire and Water related zodiac is considered as fairly compatible as both have some characteristics that compliment each other. Aries is quite energetic and loves to take prompt decisions while Pisces has a subtle attitude that doesn’t allow anyone to intrude their zone easily. This is one of the reasons why Aries cannot run away from the relationship.

Pisces are known to sacrifice themselves, which in return makes them the winner. Aries easily gets on the nerves, but Pisces keep patience which helps a lot in avoiding the conflicts between them. They can make a considerate couple provided they both manage to settle a few things that may be harming their relationship.  

Pisces & Taurus

Taurus and Pisces couple signifies the combination of the earth and water. This is a better combination where both are quite compatible with each other. They make a good match due to their complementary characteristics. Both can fulfill the shortcomings of each other like Taurus is quite rustic in nature while Pisces doesn’t have the enough control over the materialistic things. They can easily find their way to complement each other.

Pisces can teach them about bringing the subtle passion in life and Taurus may give then the secure feel regarding the worldly matters. Pisces often surrenders to the firm belief that Taurus put in them and love from the bottom of heart which makes a lasting relationship.

Pisces & Gemini

Gemini and Pisces don’t make a good, even a fair couple as they fall quite low in compatibility with each other. Both come from the highly incompatible elements Air and Water. They are quite different from each other. Gemini has a loud and energetic character, whereas Pisces is quite subtle and calm in nature, but has a dual mind that puts him/her in a state of indecision.

On the other hand, Gemini is lightening fast in taking decisions which doesn’t suit to Pisces. Both have different style of working and altogether different mindsets which give rise to conflicts. It is often observed that the relationship between Gemini and Pisces starts with a physical attraction, but soon they part their ways due differences of opinion.

Pisces & Cancer

A Cancer only needs a stable home and family .It is a sign which only craves for a settled family life .Cancer wants to put things away and invest and a Pisces is lacking in that .Cancer is the best in finding bargains and haggling and feels emotions ,deeply and spiritually just like Pisces.Cancer is famous for being moody and difficult but a Pisces is sure to understand.
The intuitive Pisces understands the Cancers pain and treats it like his own.The thing to remember is that a Cancer never forgets and if you forget to ask why (s)he is upset chances are (s)he will get upset again because you did not ask.However both signs are good listeners and therefore they get along really well.

Pisces & Leo

Pisces is too dreamy; one is a fire sign and the other water so the differences are paramount. Pisces can be very romantic and emotional. Pisces needs constant care and may get upset at little instances. Pisces prefers to stay at home while Leo would want to go out .A Pisces does not care for money so is prepared for some nasty surprises.

Leo cannot grasp a Pisces sensitive nature .Soon a Leo may get sick and upset of Pisces insecure nature. Leo will not have the patience to probe the deep nature of a Pisces. Pisces will however admire and make his/her Leo feel important/he will try to raise you on the pedestal you want to be on but somehow it is going to be very tough communicating with him/her.

Pisces & Virgo

Virgo and Pisces, Air and Water signs respectively, are either compatible or incompatible- there is no in-between. More often than not, a Pisces is in its own world, without a care about the real one down here. They tend to be sympathetic, and exclusivity with them might be difficult to achieve.
The more precise Virgo is, the vaguer Pisces is. It is very difficult for anyone to have a full constant attention of Pisces, let alone a Virgo. Also, a Pisces might not care about being taken advantage of, since the sign is altruistic in nature. This might spark a rage in the Virgo, who does not like such relationships.
If a Virgo truly wishes to reduce the chaos in the life of a Pisces, it can do so. This will ensure a somewhat wobbly, but still, a stable relationship.

Pisces & Libra

Libra and Pisces, being Air and Water signs respectively, are not very compatible in the long run. While a Pisces might be charming and pleasing initially, after the honeymoon period wears off, things tend to get a little complex and contradictory.
A peaceful life together along with a Pisces is very difficult for a Libra, since there is no balance between realism and abstraction. Pisces is inherently shy and reserved, and does not usually speak up, regardless of the pressure put on it, while Libra believes in freedom of expression. Pisces usually believes in a quiet approval while Libra is a strong believer in being vocal. This might lead to a short-lived relationship between these two signs, and nothing more.

Pisces & Scorpio

Scorpio and Pisces are soul mates. A Scorpio has the same emotional framework as a Piscean .He is faithful and discreet and that works with a Pisces on the other side. A Scorpio is an intense lover and his feelings like a Pisces are very very strong. Scorpio people however are jealous in nature and is an enigmatic personality.He wants to be loved but also to be left alone sometimes..
To make this partnership perfect a Pisces needs to make a Scorpio talk .A Pisces sensitive nature can reach out to Scorpio and help him in clearing his thoughts a little.This obviously is hard work, but not for our Pisces who himself is a spiritualist and is hence able to touch a Scorpio’s soul.

Pisces & Sagittarius

All things considered, you ought to realize that there is affection out of sympathy, and this is simply because Pisces' extraordinary and delicate heart is prepared to give up for the bliss of a Sagittarius that tries to finding the major truths of the human presence. In fact, the secretive Pisces would be upbeat if the mystical Sagittarius were keen on his/her "sufferings", yet (s)he can live without it, as well. It's actual that, for a Sagittarius, it's a valiant deed to begin an association with a Pisces local. The Pisces' empathy and puzzle can "sustain" Sagittarius' motivation and strength for quite a while and along these lines the last will feel satisfied from all perspectives, having found the enthusiastic peace and sexual fulfillment that (s)he has been searching for.

Pisces & Capricorn

Capricorn is feminine in nature and hence is able to understand a Pisces visions and feelings very well. Capricorn’s practical and focused nature makes it a good life partner for a Pisces .Capricorn has a great sense of humour, which make it a very sociable sun sign .However, it is very cold and realistic for a Pisces .Capricorn’s materialistic nature is not such a big problem as money does not affect a Pisces.
Capricorn likes a well kept house with all facilities .This may not go down well with a Pisces as he lives in his small world all the time .This may create problems in the relationship as what may interest a Pisces may be totally rejected by a Capricorn.A Capricorn is an artist when it comes to love and is therefore easily pleased with a Pisces imaginative behviour and feelings.

Pisces & Aquarius

Aquarius and Pisces, is a relation of commitment and sacrifice.This is a couple where both partners have their own duality .The Pisces will choose the direction the relationship will take while Aquarius will advise if this is the correct direction.They will have a peaceful marriage in normal situations but this couple can also provide great qualities at trying times.

Aquarius is a lover of everything because his nature is solar while a Pisces loves everything because s/he has a sensitive nature and derives pleasure by taking on himself others pain.Both are charitable and find pleasure in the happiness and welfare of other people .They considered themselves fulfilled when they go out of their limits to serve others and experience spiritual connections.

Pisces & Pisces

The Pisces square is imaginative and can understand life and each other without using words. Your connection will be beautiful as you both stay away from reality in a dream world.The problem arises as none of you will be bothered with money and savings.Two idealists in the same house will lead to know major decisions being taken.

You both are on the same spiritual level so being together is a joy. Both love the harmony and peace and love to stay in solitude in their own dreamy world .You will know what the other wants and so it will be a real soul union.Just one thing to remember to make this work you both will have to pool in a little realism .If you can do that much you both will have a wonderful time together.