Libra & Aries

These two signs Aries and Libra belong to the categories of Fire and Air elements. The both signs are opposite to each other in the zodiac. This means either these two will be fully compatible or totally incompatible with no chances for managing the things midway.  Both Aries and Libra are having different characteristics, but these may become complimentary if both share the chemistry between them or simply it may be a misfit.

The difference in attitude of Aries, which is a quite fast acting person and Libra, is the composed individual which makes it tough for both to rationalize the things on common grounds. But if they come down to a  common plane to strengthen each other’s ideas and course of action of the duo can do wonders.

Libra & Taurus

Taurus and Libra; this is a combination that show moderate compatibility with each other. It is largely dependent on the room that you can make for one another and the level of compromise that decides the fate of your relationship. Taurus symbolizes earth and has a steady and slow attitude, while Libra that depicts the Air has quite a vibrant attitude. When both come together the chances of a promising relation doesn’t exist at all due to the distinct virtues.

Taurus cannot cope with the talkative habits of Libra and often discard the irrational behavior towards the things. You cannot expect Libra to be calculative and firm on decisions which is just opposite to Taurus and leads to conflicts.

Libra & Gemini

Gemini and Libra make a highly compatible couple. They make an ideal couple as they share the pleasures because of their refined taste and characteristics that complement each other. Gemini and Libra are falling in the Airy family which tends then to have a similar attitude up to larger extent. Both love to visit distant places and explore new things, while Libra sometimes gets into the state of indecision which may develop the tension between them.
Gemini is fascinated about Libra’s refined taste and adores his/her choice very much. At times Gemini may get restless, but Libra manages to make the balance in all odds which is the foundation of their lasting relationship as Libra doesn’t get the things go out of control.

Libra & Cancer

Cancer falls prey to the adorable Libra that brings in a lot of attraction in his/her life. The combination of the Air and Water doesn’t seem to be compatible at all, but you may give it a try. This relationship is largely based on the physical attractions and the charming Libra natives can make anyone to mesmerize by their persona. Cancer people are sensitive and find it quite interesting the way Libran details the things and act in their lives.

Soon the dream ends when the Libra starts returning to their lifestyle that is full of friends and activities. Cancer may feel discarded and this disrupts their moods which ultimately results in conflicts. Libra is contented to care for your emotions and may balance to the things provided Cancer learns to express his/her emotions clearly.

Libra & Leo

Libran’s artistic tendency goes great with a Leo’s creative nature. Libra cannot take decisions so s/he leaves that to be done by the Leo. Libra is romantic but not as much as a Leo .This relationship will be fun full of interesting discussions and fun activities. Libra’s analytical nature will never let this alliance get boring.

Libra may though not flatter a Leo’s ego because the sincere Libra does not believe in painting a wrong picture. Both the sun signs are good at communication and can be best friends. To make this work a Leo needs to give the Libra the attention and s/he in turn would let the Leo dominate the relationship well. A Libra takes time to decide but if you listen and understand him then you are in for a rosy alliance.

Libra & Virgo

A relationship between a Virgo and a Libra is said to be always at the edge. While a Virgo is reserved and down-to-earth, a Libra is always ready to socialize and have fun. This might lead to issues what with the Virgo being dominant and possessive, and the Libra getting upset very easily. While a Virgo is said to be a perfectionist, a Libra’s inherent untidiness might infuriate the Virgo from time to time, sometimes to the extent of walking out. 

Then again, a Libra is a charmer, and a master of romance. They are very good at coaxing and bringing out the fun side in a Virgo, and this ensures that the initial spark in the relationship stays alive forever.

Libra & Libra

A relationship between a Libra and another Libra is usually quite complex. Since they are reflections of each other, compromise becomes difficult, and even though there is diplomacy, it is a bit too much at times.
Two Libras do not usually know where to draw the line, and therefore, the rules between them are very lax. This often leads to neglect, and indifference between them, which might lead in conflicts, though not very loud or crass ones. The relationship might get stale at one point, since both of them need to make decisions which neither of them want to make, at some point of time. Also, the lack of involvement by both the Libras in a relationship might cause it to collapse one day or the other, unless it is worked upon by both the parties.

Libra & Scorpio

Libra, being an Air sign and Scorpio, being a Water sign, famously do not mix very well. While a Scorpio is a very complex being, a Libra is relatively simple to understand. A Scorpio does not love conventionally, and hence, it might be a little difficult for the Libra to decipher its love.
A Scorpio is an inherent introvert, which might not gel well with the socialite Libra, since their ways of spending time together often clash. Also, since the Scorpio is very complex, with a variety of emotions flickering on and off, this might confuse the air-headed Libra and ultimately bore them. A Scorpio cannot usually provide the stability and the loyalty that a Libra needs in a long term relationship.

Libra & Sagittarius

Libra and Sagittarius are very compatible signs, since Sagittarius is a Fire sign that needs the Air sign to keep it burning eternally. Both Libra and Sagittarius love adventure, and are up for it at any moment of the day. They are both very social, and hence have great communication skills and therefore, very less room for conflict with each other.
A Sagittarius is stubborn, and quite often blunt, unlike the Libra, which is usually a diplomat. This might prove to be an issue from time to time, but it can be resolved easily since the compatibility of these signs is so great. Both the signs are into a relationship for the long haul, and therefore ready for a stable commitment.

Libra & Capricorn

Libra and Capricorn are never usually compatible, since they are extreme opposites in the most fundamental of traits.
While a Libra likes meeting new people, a Capricorn prefers staying at home, and barely ever going out. This leads to boredom and a very civil life, which the wild and free Libra cannot usually get used to. A Capricorn is usually resistant to any form of change, whereas a Libra needs constant change, and will go to any lengths to get it.
Only if the Libra adjusts to the domestic life that a Capricorn likes leading, can it survive with one. Unfortunately, patience is not one of Libra’s strongest pursuits, and relationships might not last as long as they want them to.

Libra & Aquarius

While Libra and Aquarius are both Air signs, they are perfectly compatible, apart from some minor glitches.
Then again, they have different ideologies. While an Aquarius is muddled and vague, a Libra has precise, clear-cut ideas, and works on them. An Aquarius is very involved with abstract concepts, whereas a Libra is more realistic and down to earth.
Also, since both the signs are not into leading a domestic life, settling down together could become a problem. Financials could be in grave danger since both are spendthrifts, and often are careless with money.
They are sensually very attracted to one another, since they are both of an experimental nature. It might be a bit dangerous though, since an Aquarius tends to get bored very quickly and then drift off somewhere else.

Libra & Pisces

Libra and Pisces, being Air and Water signs respectively, are not very compatible in the long run. While a Pisces might be charming and pleasing initially, after the honeymoon period wears off, things tend to get a little complex and contradictory.
A peaceful life together along with a Pisces is very difficult for a Libra, since there is no balance between realism and abstraction. Pisces is inherently shy and reserved, and does not usually speak up, regardless of the pressure put on it, while Libra believes in freedom of expression. Pisces usually believes in a quiet approval while Libra is a strong believer in being vocal. This might lead to a short-lived relationship between these two signs, and nothing more.