Will you ever meet the right person?

Tarot quiz

All the single people out there have a mental image of their future significant other. Even if you don't have any specific requirement, you are dreaming for an ideal partner that’s compatible in every way. But a dream is not reality. Will you ever meet the right person in real life? 

Based on first instincts, choose 1 of the following tarot cards

No. 1

No. 2

No. 3

No. 4

No. 5

No. 6

Tarot Card 1: The Sun


Congratulations! You just open the door into marriage. You will receive the most wonderful wishes and walk down the aisle with your soulmate. No doubt he is the happiness you’ve been searching for, your ideal partner. Embrace your happiness with open arms. He’s passionate and he will bring you unlimited joy. The family you build together will be the one that’s filled with surprises and warmth. He’s open minded and easy going. It’s so easy to be around him. He’s a loyal companion and will stay by your side through thick and thin.

Tarot Card 2: The Star (reversed)star reversed

Your confidence has weakened. It’s easy to get yourself into a unrequited love situation. You might have misinterpreted other’s intention for this relationship and now you are uncertain. Have confidence and be more open. Don't stress or become melancholy because you are in hurry to find love. Relax and stay optimistic when it comes to relationship. our Mr./Ms. Right will appear very soon.

Tarot Card 3: The Devil


You lose yourself easily in exciting physical love. Be careful not to go overboard and lose yourself in your desire. Only when you are rid of this unhealthy relationship will you be on your way to find your new love and meet your ideal half.

Tarot Card 3: The Hanged Man


You willingly give up a lot for love but you never regret or complain about it. If you can hang in there through this difficult time, true love will be found. Your soulmate will be someone who is responsible, who will sacrifice for you and bring you happiness.

Tarot Card 5: The Strength (reversed)


Even though you really want to find “the one”, you got to try to be patient. You will only regret it if you fail to resist the temptation and fall head over heal over it. Irresistible physical pleasure will be your downfall in the relationship. Your Partner may use it to pull wool over your eye because sex without love is all he seeks. If you insist on being with him and think that he’s your one true love, you are walking right into a trap.

Tarot Card 6: The Justice

justiceAlthough it is difficult for you to meet someone to fall madly in love with right now, you will meet an opposite sex who can bring you warmth and sense of stability you need.


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