Discovering your true self

Daebaki specialize in providing accurate and affordable personalised readings delivered promptly by email.

This reading is designed to:

  • Understand your own personality more clearly
  • Highlight and identify common personality weaknesses
  • The reading first explores your unique personality, and then moves on to examine your life in areas ranging from love to career

Understand yourself further in 12 chapters

Ever wondered who your true self is and what is your life purpose? Look no further as Daebaki's personalised readings will reveal who you really are in 12 chapters:

1. Appearance and Persona
2. Will and Purpose
3. Needs and Emotional Responses
4. Career and Status
5. Perception and Mentality
6. Attraction and Harmony
7. Self-Assertion and Sexual Drive
8. Faith and Understanding
9. Lessons and Responsibilities
10.Awakening and Freedom
11.Sensitivity and Spirituality
12.Power and Transformation