Leo & Aries

This duo that signifies the fire element is full of energy and power that makes an amazing couple. Leo is filled with the same energy and enthusiasm that drives Aries. This combination is made to give rise to extraordinary ideas that can conquer the world. Both matches on the same plane in terms of adventures, plannings and communication.

The refined tastes of Leo are quite adored by Aries and both enjoy quality time in different activities like sightseeing, dining and more. The couple has the zeal to discover new things or starting new things like never before. Leo’s romantic nature and Aries adventurous attitude always make it exciting and fun for both to be together.    


Leo & Taurus

This is a combination that has rare chances for higher affinity and is quite low in compatibility with each other. There are a lot of differences in your preferences and expectations from life which makes it difficult to have a sustainable relationship. Taurus is looking at the things in a different way and believes to have security in life with stability and materialistic approach. While Leo an extremist that puts in efforts to command others and want to become the center of attraction.
The absence of patience and compassion in Leo’s dictionary makes it difficult for Taurus to comply with. They can manage to be together if both can focus on the similar aspects of life like the needs of fulfillment, and common interests like craving for a beautiful house and stuff and material possessions.

Leo & Gemini

This combination is considered as highly compatible as per the astrological principles. But it needs a lot of patience and compromise on the Gemini’s part to carry on the relationship. The contrast of the characteristics of Gemini and Leo makes it difficult for them to sustain the relationship without making compromises. Gemini people are quite flexible in nature and Leos are that much rigid so initially it goes well, but when it starts affecting you both a Leo doesn’t allow the freedom that Gemini wants.

This may become the route cause of trouble in a long run. Gemini has to make compromises on certain things to keep the relationship going as Leos are not going to adjust a bit due to their stubborn nature.

Leo & Cancer

This is a relationship that has both positive and negative aspects and can be sustained by sincere efforts made from both the sides. Cancer and Leo has to work hard for making the basic rules that help you in making a comfort zone for each other. This will help you to keep pace with each other and spend the low times easily without getting disturbed. Leo has the heart that can accommodate the Cancer with all its positive and negatives and make him/her feel safe in every condition.

You both make a fairly compatible relationship because Leos admire the creative cancers for all their passions and emotional favors. The only thing that needs to be worked out is to control the emotional disturbances the Cancer may have at times due to Leo’s dominant nature.

Leo & Leo

A Leo Leo alliance can be perfect if both are able to understand the need of a Leo to be appreciated and complimented every now and then .So understand that both have to give as much as is possible .This is not tough as you both are passionate and want to live life to fullest..

A Leo’s needs to do everything with a royal touch. However Leo can easily find out flattery and if you are tempted to use it be very sure you will be caught .To make him/her feel special you have to feel the same emotion as s/he wants to lead the life like a king .This can be a great love story but any argument can also be tough as nobody is willing to give in .If both can give each other royal feel this relationship can soar.

Leo & Virgo

Virgo is a master of criticism and is a perfectionist .Virgo’s having a sense of extra detail and criticizing without a reason. Virgo expects a lot from the partner as he needs the constant feel of being protected. The intelligence of a Virgo will attract a Leo but a Virgo cannot understand the Leo’s need to be appreciated.
While Virgo love to save the Leo can be a spendthrift .A Leo’s need to enjoy a sophisticated life cannot go down well with a Virgo. A Virgo can be quite inflexible and the Leo’s need to rule may not be possible with him/her. However a Virgo is very passionate so to make this thing work you just have to be a little extra patient and you will love being with him/her.

Leo & Libra

Libran’s artistic tendency goes great with a Leo’s creative nature. Libra cannot take decisions so s/he leaves that to be done by the Leo. Libra is romantic but not as much as a Leo .This relationship will be fun full of interesting discussions and fun activities. Libra’s analytical nature will never let this alliance get boring.

Libra may though not flatter a Leo’s ego because the sincere Libra does not believe in painting a wrong picture. Both the sun signs are good at communication and can be best friends. To make this work a Leo needs to give the Libra the attention and s/he in turn would let the Leo dominate the relationship well. A Libra takes time to decide but if you listen and understand him then you are in for a rosy alliance.

Leo & Scorpio

Scorpio is a mysterious sun sign even if he finds a Leo interesting s/he may not tell that. Scorpio has a good intuition and so will take advantage of that and manipulate the Leo easily. Scorpio is possessive and the Leo may not like it.The difficult and moody nature of a Scorpio may not go down well with a Leo.
Scorpio is difficult because (s)he opens up very hard: although (s)he may talk much, it will take you much patience and tact to get to Scorpio's soul. And it is very possible that you get bored on the way.
Scorpio wants to be in charge and will not be able to grasp a Leo’s need for appreciation .S/he is difficult to open up and since both are stubborn sun signs a long term relationship may be ruled out.

Leo & Sagittarius


Both take love as a great adventure as they are both very passionate .Sagittarius intelligence will stimulate you .Sagittarius extrovert nature can easily compliment and complete our Leo.Sagitarius also loves socializing but it’s difficult to put him/her in the commitment zone .

Leo’s leading skills will bring out the best in a Sagittarius .Sagittarius will easily allow you to be the boss .Problems arise as they both are the same element which can lead to strong arguments and nasty words being exchanged.Sagittarius straightforward nature may hurt you as he is prone to speaking the truth in your face .Sagittarius is a flexible sign and does not stay with one person for long.But the Sagittarius and Leo relationship can lead to a beautiful time together.

Leo & Capricorn

The practical Capricorn can easily burden a Leo’s romantic personality .Capricorn is quite reserved so will never tell you how much he appreciates you .Capricorn may not like a Leo’s dramatic nature and may not be able to understand a Leo well .Capricorn likes dominating while Leo cannot be dominated .

Capricorn’s analytical nature may diminish a Leo’s enthusiasm and he may not accept it.The only way to make it work is to find a flexible Capricorn as they can easily get angered by our extravagant Leo. Capricorn is reserved when it comes to love so you have to work hard to break all barriers and enter the key zone of a Capricorn. Which means that your patience will again be challenged.

Leo & Aquarius

Aquarius over analytical nature can easily hurt a Leo’s ego. Aquarius can be distant and pretend to not have feelings which can make a Leo take this as rejection. Aquarius will not appreciate a Leo’s over dramatic nature and will not let you rule the roost. Since Aquarius is too independent don’t expect it to take your domination.

Aquarius is a good listener for your ideas and may help you in their great execution .Aquarius lives its passion differently .S/he loves but not the way a Leo does .Aquarius leads with his mind while a Leo with his heart .If you can be the friend the Aquarius needs this alliance can be long term .Your Aquarius will respect you but maybe not the way you need so get used to it.

Leo & Pisces

Pisces is too dreamy; one is a fire sign and the other water so the differences are paramount. Pisces can be very romantic and emotional. Pisces needs constant care and may get upset at little instances. Pisces prefers to stay at home while Leo would want to go out .A Pisces does not care for money so is prepared for some nasty surprises.

Leo cannot grasp a Pisces sensitive nature .Soon a Leo may get sick and upset of Pisces insecure nature. Leo will not have the patience to probe the deep nature of a Pisces. Pisces will however admire and make his/her Leo feel important/he will try to raise you on the pedestal you want to be on but somehow it is going to be very tough communicating with him/her.