Gemini & Aries

The Aries and Gemini are falling in the category of Soul mates that are made for each other. The zodiac element of fire and air makes them highly compatible couple. Aries shall not the let go Gemini as they cannot find the other matches that are so perfect for them. Both signs have the tendencies that are quite similar like your love for excitement.

Aries and Gemini make the highly compatible match as they share the same craving for thrill in life. You both have a lot of similarities like friendly nature, fast paced lifestyle and undaunted stamina. You want to live the life to the fullest possible extent and with each other it becomes cheering and fun.


Gemini & Taurus

Talking in terms of compatibility, the combination of the Earth and Air take a lot of efforts to be together. The same is with Taurus and Gemini. These two are fairly compatible with each other, but require a lot of efforts in making a sustainable relationship due to different qualities. Gemini is a bit careless as compared with Taurus and takes decision in a hasty manner, while Taurus looks at things in much patient manner.

If the passion shared by Taurus can be managed by Gemini then this couple may create wonderful stories. Both have to make some changes like Taurus has to start indulging in the pleasure trips and parties that are loved by Gemini. On the other hand, Gemini has to learn the art of keeping patience in life and taking practical decisions which is required for good relationship.



Gemini & Gemini

When Gemini comes closer to Gemini the world seems to be new for both of them. The powerful impact of similar airy signs makes an impulsive couple that has good compatibility with each other. The only drawback that you need to figure out the things in a long run to have a sustainable relationship. Both of you are filled with the ideas and enthusiasm that drives you crazy about roaming at places, meeting friends, attending parties and more.
Gemini are born communicators that means you can talk with each other on any topic and for any amount of time. But the problem arises when you both miss the basic system so it becomes necessary for one of you to take on the responsibilities and create the home and systems for the benefits of both.

Gemini & Cancer

Gemini and Cancer makes the combination that is fairly compatible, but the road ahead is not that easy. You need to satiate the quenches that Cancer has with you. In this combination Cancer turns out to be too demanding both at the physical and emotional level, but doesn’t share the feeling openly which create conflicts. Gemini people are prone to spend a lot of time with the other people that lets the Cancer feel jealous and discarded.

You need to cut short your time from the external activities and need to dedicate it to your Cancer. This helps a lot in building a lasting relationship. Gemini also has to contribute their time to the house for making a lively relationship as Cancer people are quite homely people and it means everything for them in life.

Gemini & Leo

This combination is considered as highly compatible as per the astrological principles. But it needs a lot of patience and compromise on the Gemini’s part to carry on the relationship. The contrast of the characteristics of Gemini and Leo makes it difficult for them to sustain the relationship without making compromises. Gemini people are quite flexible in nature and Leos are that much rigid so initially it goes well, but when it starts affecting you both a Leo doesn’t allow the freedom that Gemini wants.

This may become the route cause of trouble in a long run. Gemini has to make compromises on certain things to keep the relationship going as Leos are not going to adjust a bit due to their stubborn nature.

Gemini & Virgo

Gemini and Virgo: Makes a combination that has quite low compatibility with each other. This brings the Air and earth together, making it difficult to patch with each other. Yet the Gemini and Virgo belong to same master the mercury they have different adaptation of the virtues that comes from their sun sign ruler. Gemini are communicators and Virgo are the thinkers which makes it difficult for them to appear on the same plane as both takes the meaning of a same thing differently.

Virgos react a bit slowly, on the other hand, Gemini gives instant reactions which can be detrimental at times and Gemini gets bored easily pretty soon. The tendency to remain unorganized makes it intolerable for Virgo, which creates reluctance and conflicts among them.

Gemini & Libra

Gemini and Libra make a highly compatible couple. They make an ideal couple as they share the pleasures because of their refined taste and characteristics that complement each other. Gemini and Libra are falling in the Airy family which tends then to have a similar attitude up to larger extent. Both love to visit distant places and explore new things, while Libra sometimes gets into the state of indecision which may develop the tension between them.
Gemini is fascinated about Libra’s refined taste and adores his/her choice very much. At times Gemini may get restless, but Libra manages to make the balance in all odds which is the foundation of their lasting relationship as Libra doesn’t get the things go out of control.

Gemini & Scorpio

Gemini and Scorpio are known to have fair compatibility, but they make fabulous couple. They are coming from the Air and Water family, which are not considered as a good match. The majority of the relations between Gemini and Scorpio is found to be superficial built at a physical plane only. Scorpio is quite possessive in nature that irritates Gemini and he/she wants to get out of the suffocated relationship.

On the other hand, Gemini gets attracted towards Scorpio due to charming personality and passionate behavior, but cannot manage to keep on the sustained love as they are busy with a variety of things. During a long run the carelessness of Gemini towards Scorpio increases that becomes the root cause of conflicts leading to disrupted relationship.

Gemini & Sagittarius

You can find the relationship between Gemini and Sagittarius to be quite compatible and both make a good couple. Gemini is quite analytical in nature and gets attracted with the knowledge that intellectual Sagittarius posses. This is the beginning of an impulsive bonding between them and continues till Gemini gets bored from their relationship.

Gemini people are detail oriented and wants to explore the new ideas while Sagittarius is full of adventures so both come together to share their passions, but as the spark goes down the relationship starts deteriorating, but they don’t put it to a cataclysmic end. As both are falling in the intellectual category they tend to be friends even after the end of their relationship


Gemini & Capricorn

You cannot expect the Air and Earth to mingle and the same is true of Gemini and Capricorn falling in the category of Airy and Watery zodiacs respectively. This combination is moderately compatible with each other as both have distinguished approach towards life and relationship. Gemini people are attracted towards the people who admire their approach and lifestyle.

On the contrary the Capricorns are born critic and has a great sense of humor that sometimes goes beyond their limits in criticizing fast changing lifestyle that Gemini has. Sometimes Capricorn seems to be rude and materialistic caring more for money than relations which hurts Gemini at a deeper level that may arise conflicts between them.

Gemini & Aquarius

Both Gemini and Aquarius make a wonderful relationship as both signs are highly compatible with each other. The duo has got everything with them and rarely have to look outside for their solutions. Aquarius acts as the friend, philosopher and guide for Gemini who is a bit careless about the things. Gemini gets a sort of stability by getting in a relationship with Aquarius who loves him/her from the bottom of heart.

Both share the zeal to express their views and ideas which brings them together. Gemini admires the way Aquarius deals with the people at every level. Both are complementary to each other and satiates another quench for love and passion at every level.

Gemini & Pisces

Gemini and Pisces don’t make a good, even a fair couple as they fall quite low in compatibility with each other. Both come from the highly incompatible elements Air and Water. They are quite different from each other. Gemini has a loud and energetic character, whereas Pisces is quite subtle and calm in nature, but has a dual mind that puts him/her in a state of indecision.

On the other hand, Gemini is lightening fast in taking decisions which doesn’t suit to Pisces. Both have different style of working and altogether different mindsets which give rise to conflicts. It is often observed that the relationship between Gemini and Pisces starts with a physical attraction, but soon they part their ways due differences of opinion.