PIG (1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007)


Those born in the year of the Pig will experience a comeback in 2017. After the negative influence from the God of the Year before, good fortune will surely come this year. The financial fortune will improve, along with the other fortunes. While there’s no need to worry too much this year, you shouldn’t relax fully. There may be some challenges abound, making it hard for the auspicious star to help you.

Pig’s career fortune

The career fortune is quite good for Pigs in 2017. However, as you are getting out of a bad year, luck is still at a low point. The first half of the year will have more problems, such as things going against your wishes. There will be many challenges and obstacles, damaging your confidence. You’ll definitely fall towards failure if you can’t persist. But if you can hold on until the second half, you will reach its full strength. You’ll receive a good opportunity to show off your talent. You can’t slack off, even when your career turns for the better. You must become accustomed to each new environment, otherwise, the opposite will happen and things will worsen.

Pig’s financial fortune  

Finance-wise, 2017 will be more uneventful for Pigs. There’s no wealth star, so both main and side wealth will be low. In 2017, your income will mostly be low and unsatisfying. Observe your fortune. Once you notice your luck going down, expenses increasing, income decreasing or signs of bankruptcy, you must be careful. If you don’t budget correctly, you might face a financial disaster.

Pig’s relationship fortune

In 2017, Pigs will be more passive in their relationships. The relationship fortune may be in a poor state. If you’re married, there may be many dangers. The smallest things can explode and cause you two to grow apart. Love will decrease while suspicion will increase. If you are single, there’s little chance of any positive developments. You won’t be able to interact well and communicate deeply with others. Therefore, it’ll be difficult for you to find a significant other.

Pig’s health fortune

Health fortune for Pigs in 2017 is negative. The harassment from various malefic stars will lower your health. You’ll come down with many common illnesses. It may affect both you and the elders in your family, causing you annoyance and anxiety. If you drive, be careful of traffic. Avoid giving in to road rage or drunk driving.

Pig’s education fortune

Pigs will have the patience and care for details necessary for learning. It’s an improvement from the dazed and careless attitude from before. You’ll start to focus on education. By studying earnestly, you’ll further strengthen your foundation and perform well on exams.

Those born in the year of the Pig may meet successful figures this year. Interactions and exchanges with them will stimulate your wish to get a degree, certificate or return to school. You’ll thirst for knowledge and register for supplementary training.

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