ROOSTER ( 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, )

There are pretty big differences between the Rooster’s fortunes in 2017. It’s the year of the Rooster—the benming year, which is full of bad luck. This year will be full of changes, some good and others bad. It’s hard to grasp and control. In 2017, your career won’t be as smooth and there’s not much hope for an improvement in relationships. But Roosters will receive strength from the God of the Year’s five elements. Confidence will increase and there will be vigor in doing things. So if you persist and work hard, you’ll have good results regardless of the obstacles

Rooster’s career fortune

The career fortune is average for Roosters in 2017. Failure is common and there is no help from any career stars. If you don’t perform well, you will be pushed to the side. It may then be difficult to make a comeback. At the same time, the God of the Year’s five elements give the possibility of a turnaround. This strength will give you the confidence and ability to fight against challenges. Even though work is unsuccessful, you’ll be optimistic and face it. Overall, Roosters won’t seem to accomplish much, but if you persist and prove yourself, you’ll win opportunities to change your fortune.

Rooster’s wealth fortune

The wealth fortune is not very positive for Roosters in 2017. It’s your benming year. You might face financial loss, so you must divide your savings. Don’t put all your eggs in the same basket. Learn how to manage your finances. At the same time, stay away from investments. The returns will be unlikely. Your main source of income comes from work this year. Side wealth is almost nonexistent. If you must invest, make sure to investigate the market well and find an investment that fits you. Roosters can consider putting an Honorable Return fengshui figurine on their work desk this year. This will increase financial and career fortune. It keeps the fortune flowing in freely and decreases risks of loss. The figurine will attract wealth and consolidate savings.

Rooster’s relationship fortune

Your love life will not be very successful in 2017. The smallest things can result in arguments while interacting with others. Single Roosters have little hope for a relationship. You might fall deep into unreciprocated love. Some might get close to you, but they have no interest in dating. Family conflicts will be common for married Roosters, especially in everyday life. Communication between couples will decrease. You might find issues in everything the other does and lose your temper over unintentional things. Divisions might occur because of a mundane thing, resulting in a cold war or even divorce. Whether you are single or not, you should think before acting and thinking.

Rooster’s health fortune

Roosters won’t have very positive health in 2017. As a benming year, there are many dangers. Your health may continuously worsen. Be careful when out. Avoid losing your temper. Don’t get into arguments nor go to dangerous locations. Most critically, don’t go on long trips alone. It’s best to go in a group so you can care and help each other when needed.

If you drive, be careful of traffic. Be alert while driving and follow the rules. Avoid giving in to road rage or drunk driving.

Rooster’s education fortune

 In your benming year, the stars’ position makes it more suitable for accumulation of knowledge. Like charging your battery, it’s better to have more input and less output. If you have major exams in 2017, the benming year has planned out a path from accumulation to explosion for you. It’s similar to your original path and sends the same signals. It’s easier to enter a good school, but hard work is still imperative.

If you are already in the workforce, education fortune is still positive. You’ll have chances of finding a good job and training, especially as a researcher, journalist and police. The education fortune this year is beneficial to gaining technical skills. Through your hard work, you’ll see a career breakthrough.



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