RAT (1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008)

In 2017, the year of the rooster, Rats will face some conflicts, also known in the Chinese saying “ broken Taisui”. The so-called broken Taisui mainly revolves wealth. Rats may have some unnecessary spending in 2017 and suffer from loss financially. Do not be too worried though as the Rat in 2017 will be protected by three stars,”Tianxi”and “Dijie” and “Lunar”. Although there are signs of broken Taisui, the rat will be affected very little, which is a typical situation of fortune in a seemingly unfortunate situation. In general, female Rats would have a better year than their male counterparts.


Career forecast of the Rat in 2017

In 2017, the career of rat is generally good with indication of a possibility of a promotion. Rats that are females will have a smoother year as they will be able to resolve difficulties easily. Even when faced with complication at work, they can expect to receive help from others. Although as compared to the female Rat, the male Rats are not as lucky, do not worry! You are still blessed by the fortune star. Because of the broken Taisui, the male Rats might find themselves in complicated situations or encounter obstacles at work. Look at this as an opportunity to appropriately handle the problem. When those issues are resolved, good things will come for you in your career. A future promotion is possible!


Financial forecast of the Rat in 2017

In 2017, you will maintain your wealth instead of gaining large amounts of extra money. It will be a bad year to take gamble or make risky investments. Although,  generally the Rat does well in fortune in 2017, you should pay attention to your broken Taisui. Do not pay too much attention to money, as it may cause your energy loss because of broken Taisui. Instead of focusing on increasing revenue, attempt to reduce expenditure instead. Avoid lending money, and keep some emergency money to prepare for necessities for yourself. If you are a female Rat, your wealth will be  enhanced because of the shining star of the moon while your business development will be generally smooth. But be prepared and do no blindly expand. As you are influenced by Taisui, you need to be especially careful.


Love forecast of the Zodiac rat in 2017

The rat will experience excellent love life in 2017. Married individuals will experience a strengthened marriage and maintain family harmony while the single people will gain better luck in love, helping them find a suitable partner soon. You will have the opportunity to meet more people with similar interests and attract their attention. As In 2017, the single people should pay more attention to the opposite sex around you. Perhaps, that person you find will make a great future partner.


Health forecast of the Zodiac rat in 2017

Rats might face some health issues in 2017. Since 2017 is the broken Taisui year for the rat, Rats should pay special attention to their physical health, making sure to relax and reduce pressure The occurrence of the broken Taisui will bring the Rats various problems such as colds, headache, fever and so on. Although they are not considered serious diseases , they are still discomforting enough to bring your spirit down and inflict trouble in your life. Therefore, in 2017, Rats should pay attention to physical and mental health.


Rats should also pay attention to possible traffic injuries this year. When driving, the rat people should pay close attention, obey the law, avoid road rage and do your best to avoid accidents.


Studying forecast of the Zodiac rat in 2017

The rat in 2017 has great luck in in academic, as you get a positive effect of the “Wenchang” star. This year you will have a desire for knowledge, no matter whether you are still in school or have already graduated. You will possess the “Knowledge has no limit” mentality, actively seeking to expand your knowledge. This is beneficial to people participating in the entrance examination (the entrance examination for college or graduate school). For the rat people with achievements in specific areas, your views or thesis will have certain influence in your respective fields. With a positive response, you will lay the foundation for future popularity and success.


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