MONKEY ( 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004)

Monkey’s 2017 Fortune and Explanation

The year of 2017 is pretty good for Monkeys. Last year was a rather constricting year for Monkeys. In 2017, the Monkey’s fortune; career, finances and relationships will all turn positive. This year is undeniably one where you can unleash your potential at work and be the star of the love scene. The entire year is successful. Those who are married but childless might add a member to the family, so be prepared for that possibility. Of course, if there are positives, there must be negatives. Monkeys will also be disturbed by two malefic stars. These two malefic stars will plant hidden challenges in 2017’s fortune. One slip up can bring disaster. The stars mostly target health, so you must put take care of your body and visit the hospital when needed.

Monkey’s career fortune

Monkeys’ performance in the workplace is positive in 2017 and will be able to find satisfaction in work. A noble figure will appear to give support. It’s easy to find people who appreciate them. Of course, the most important factor is performance. Because of the bad fortune last year, your image was negatively affected. So while improving in 2017, try showing off your true skills. This way, you will have the chance of raises and promotions. This year is not suitable for switching jobs.

Monkey’s financial fortune

The financial fortune for Monkeys in 2017 is an upwards trend. Compared to last year, there will be good results, regardless whether it’s the main or side wealth. There’s low risk of financial loss and wealth will generally accumulate. Avoid focusing too much on investments. This is a career year and main wealth is the best source of income. Being too greedy will ruin the good luck. Don’t try to make a fortune by only investing a little. One mistake can destroy everything and the lost money will never return.

Monkey’s relationship fortune

Monkeys will have a smooth love life in 2017. Single Monkeys will have many opportunities to find a significant other. If you are in a relationship, but the feelings aren’t stable, you’ll also be able to strengthen it. Of course, it’s the most beneficial for married Monkeys. In 2017, your marriage will become even more loving and perfect. This year has the highest possibility of having a child, if you don’t have any yet, so be prepared for that situation. But for married Monkeys, there’s a problem with being popular in the love scene. There’s high risk of misunderstanding, so make sure to keep a distance between you and others. This way, you won’t affect your happy marriage.

Monkey’s health fortune

The health fortune is not as positive for Monkeys in 2017. Compared to the other fortunes, it is much lower. There won’t be any major problems, but you’ll constantly have to deal with small ailments. There’s high risk of traffic accidents while going out. In 2017, Monkeys must take care of the bodies no matter what. Go on a healthy diet if you can. Try to avoid alcohol and tobacco. If you drive, pay closer attention to traffic safety.

Monkey’s education fortune

There is high educational pressure for Monkeys this year. You won’t be your best self. Though you’re always going toward your goal, the goal may not be very realistic. You’ll often feel defeated. You’ll also be annoyed by the health problems, so it’s hard to settle down and study. If you can balance time between exercise and study, your mental and physical health will improve. It’s better for absorbing knowledge.

The malefic stars make it difficult to take tests. If you’re facing entrance exams, you might not get your wish. The gap between your dream school and your current level is too big. The malefic stars also hinder your performance. It’s the same if you wish to test for masters, doctorates or technical certificates. But you shouldn’t give up either. If you’re fully prepared, studied for weaker subjects and relax, you can turn things around.

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