RABBIT (  1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011)

The fortune for Rabbit in 2017 will be unfavorable due to the clash with Taisui. In addition, the appearance of malefic “six conflictions” will cause further misfortune on Rabbit. You need to be careful when dealing with situations, otherwise your effort will be wasted or come to naught. Rabbit’s career will be filled with obstacles, and people around you will take advantage of you. You are advised to be open to new ideas and think carefully before making any decisions. Be cautious with your investments and curb your greed for get rich schemes, otherwise you may be faced with financial difficulties. It is important to take care of your health. Due to the impact of Taisui, Rabbit’s health will be adversely affected. You need to pay close attention to your diet and improve your immunity through exercise.


In terms of love, it is positive for Rabbit! Single Rabbits will be likely to find their life partner. Keep open communication with your partner to ensure a smooth sailing relationship.


Career forecast of the Zodiac rabbit in 2017


There will be people out to harm the Rabbit in the workplace. Rabbit needs to be prepared in advance before making any decisions, which can minimize the risk of a negative outcome. Focus on doing your work well and stay away from workplace villains. The lucky months are as follows: January, June, July and October of the lunar calendar. You need to take advantage of this development and move forward! However, you will be faced with obstacles during the following months: March, April, May and August the lunar calendar.


Financial forecast of the Zodiac rabbit in 2017

Because of the influence of Taisui, Rabbit’s financial situation is not good. You should not participate in speculative investments or get rich schemes. During the unfortune months of April, August and December of the lunar calendar, you will need to reduce expenditure. For the lucky months of January, June, July, October and October of the lunar calendar, you can make smart investments to increase income.



Health forecast of the Zodiac rabbit in 2017

Rabbit will be faced with health problems, which may include mental stress and depression. Regular exercise to improve immunity is encouraged. Pay attention to climate change and food hygiene during travels to avoid the impact of infectious diseases.

You may have health problems during the months of May and October of the lunar calendar. During this period, you must be vigilant and do not to participate in rock climbing, diving or other high-risk activities. Be careful of traffic accidents in Lunar February. Do not drive when you are drunk or emotional. In September, it is necessary to pay close attention to the health and safety of children in the family. Rabbit should pay attention to traffic injuries if you drive, as the chicken year is a fighting year between gold and fire, leading to bleeding and other accidents.


Love forecast of the Zodiac rabbit in 2017

Rabbits will be able to meet their other half and experience intense chemistry. However due to your insecurities, it is easy to quarrel with your partner over trifle matters. You need to be open to honest communications and to control your temper. Problems may appear during the following lunar months, including March, May, September and December. During these months, do not be emotional and try to harness positive energies and love your partner wholeheartedly.


Studying forecast of the Zodiac rabbit in 2017

Rabbits are vivid and curious, able to absorb and understand new information. You will be successful if you are focused on learning. Due to Taisui’s influence, you will be prone to conflict with your classmates. Avoid petty squabbles and focus on your academics. Do take care of your health amidst your busy studying schedule and take part in recreational activities.


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