HORSE (1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014)




Horse will experience ups and downs in 2017 due to the presence of Taisui. Although impacted by conflicting Taisui, there will be four fortune stars blessing you. With these four fortune stars shining upon you, conflicts can be smoothened out. However, three unfortunate stars “Pima”, “Juanshe” and “Xianchi” may create difficulties and affect your career and popularity. On a positive note, as long as you focus on your work and avoid conflict with other people, you will have a relatively smooth year.


Career forecast of the Zodiac horse in 2017

Career wise will be good for Horse. You will have plenty of business opportunities and gain the support from others. If you can take advantage of the beneficial effects of the fortune stars, you will bear fruits of your labour. Always remember to deal with conflict with a level head. You should pay attention to your words when dealing with people, as you may be sending the wrong message across.


Financial forecast of the Zodiac horse in 2017

Financial situation for Horse is prosperous. Horse will be able to earn a good income through their jobs and not worry about making money. If you are earning side income through investments, it may bring about good returns. Potential losses can occur when the people around are trying to harm you, thus it is best for you to remain low key and humble.


Love forecast of the Zodiac horse in 2017


Love life can be challenging for the Horse due to “Xianchi” creating emotional turbulence. Also due to the influence of Taisui, interpersonal relationships can be affected. You will be pursued by many people, and thus perceived as a Casanova and destroying your image. Ultimately finding your life partner can be difficult due to your indecisiveness. Thus it is advised that you should only be close to people that you truly like in order to maintain your reputation.

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