GOAT (1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015)

Goat’s 2017 Fortune and Explanation

2017 will be average for people born in the Goat year because there are no auspicious stars this year. All auspicious stars that do appear can only help from the side. They are not the main stars for Goats, so their power will be limited. Goats will find it challenging to reach their full potential in work thus feeling restricted and exhausted at work. It is a year of potential mishaps for the Goat, thus be extra careful.  

Goat’s career fortune

The overall career fortune for Goats in 2017 is lackluster. Goats may experience many changes in the workplace. Potential for promotions and raises will be rather slim. There are however no definite situations in this world, if you complete your tasks well and connect with others, actively showing your talents, you can still catch the attention and appreciation of executives. Regardless of the stars’ influence, a person’s fortune relies on themselves. Without the support from an important figure, small problems may easily arise, such as mistakes or breaking rules. Just take care to think twice before acting.

Goat’s financial fortune

There aren’t any financial ups and downs for the Goat in 2017. Both main and side fortunes are not that stellar, so you shouldn’t be opportunists in 2017. It’s better to work steadily.

Goat’s relationship fortune

The relationship fortune for Goats is pretty good in 2017. There is luck with love and single Goats can find a significant other this year. But because of the malefic stars, you must be careful in interacting with others. To avoid being lied to, think carefully before making new friends. Do not jump at and settle with the first one you meet. It’s more problematic for married Goats though. This fortune raises risks of cheating. Because of the negativity in other fortunes, Goats may have short tempers. When disputes aren’t solved well, marriage and family issues will arise. Control yourself and watch your actions.

Goat’s health fortune

Goats have an average health fortune in 2017, but because of the overall negativity, you must be careful. As a whole, Goats will be stressed from work. If you don’t have enough rest, this extreme stress will definitely harm health. Whether at home or going out, Goats must pay attention to safety. Places full of yin, such as cemeteries and the wilderness, are off limits. Goats that drive should pay special attention to traffic safety. Be alert while driving and follow the rules. Avoid giving in to road rage or drunk driving.

Goat’s education fortune

The auspicious stars increase the likelihood of social events, so it’s hard for Goats to concentrate fully on education. But an outstanding team and wide social network can open up a Goat’s mindset and motivate them to learn. The educated and talented people you meet will stimulate your competitiveness. Through interactions, you will learn about successful experiences. These can help you improve.

Learning in a harmonious social network is a good thing for Goats. Positive connections can bring better experiences and guidance from successful people. Goats have the chance to manage events, performances, fellowships and more. These processes will cultivate leadership skills and confidence.

Luck with exams is quite good. Goats can perform exceptionally well if you plan and learn systematically, accumulate knowledge, and give one last push during the exam period. Lunar months of February and May are critical for those who are about to have major exams. Auspicious stars will appear these two months. It’s suitable to think and reflect. It’s the best time to tackle weaker subjects.

For Goats who are out of school, a noble figure will bring along fortune with making friends. It will help improve technical skills and professional knowledge. It’s easy to receive the chance for trainings, promotions and further studies. Goats will also pass performance tests and interviews.



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