Dog ( 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006)


Dog’s 2017 Fortune and Explanation

Overall fortune in 2017 is average for those born in the Dog year. Because Dog and Rooster are incompatible, you’ll have conflicts with others and fortunes might contradict each other. You should be wary of traps to avoid causing psychological damage. In addition, you must be careful of physical injuries. Stay away from bodies of water, construction sites and other dangerous locations.

Dog’s career fortune

The career fortune is positive for Dogs in 2017. There will be slight progression in your career fortune. Dogs who are police, security guards and firefighter will have a good year. It’s a good year for promotions.

Dog’s financial fortune

The financial fortune for Dogs in 2017 isn’t bad either. When interacting with others, it’s best to avoid money exchange so you won’t be deceived. Side wealth fortune is average. It’s recommended against investments. You must know when to step out. Once you experience loss, it can be like quicksand. Then it’ll be hard to escape unscathed.

Dog’s relationship fortune

The relationship fortune for Dogs in 2017 is average. It’s hard to improve your luck with love. It’s still hard to find a suitable partner, even with an increased popularity. But because of the increase in popularity, you’ll have much more friends. One might catch your attention, so try taking the first step. Who knows, it might end in a happily ever after. If you are dating or married, remember to adjust your feelings. Avoid getting into a love triangle and damaging your relationship.

Dog’s health fortune

There are many health-related dangers for Dogs in 2017. If you always have bad luck, your mood and spirit will always be tense. Being overly stressed will result in many sicknesses. If you can’t readjust, it’s easy to have accidents. When you’re constantly absent-minded, then you’ll be low-spirited, lacking energy when you walk and work, and you’ll fall into dangerous situations. Dogs must be able to adjust their attitude. Don’t overthink anything.

If you drive, be careful of traffic. Be alert while driving and follow the rules.

Dog’s education fortune

You will have a knowledge of thirst. You’ll be more willing to spend time on absorbing knowledge. You’ll do everything you can to research the hardest of topics, not giving up until you know it like the back of your hand. You find happiness in learning and enjoy it. This year will be a good beginning and a turning point in your school career.

But this luck actually isn’t suitable if you have major exams approaching. The exam fortune is negative this year. Things might be chaotic and you can’t learn systematically and holistically. At times like these, you should calm down. There’s no need to be anxious. Strengthen basic knowledge bit by bit so you can perform well on the exams.  

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