zodiac Aries sign

Cancer & Aries

This is the contrast combination of Fire and Water. The result is a dead end as Aries and Cancer are not at all compatible with each other. You cannot expect Fire and Water to mingle with one another. The thought process of Aries and Cancer is quite different that makes it extremely difficult to cope until you can manage your attitude up to a considerable level.

The cancers are very homely and closely attached to the family while Aries people are much inclined towards the worldly affairs. They are highly ambitious in nature and loves to take risks which is just opposite to Cancer that are far away from the risky adventures and cannot spare time for work at cost of family. 


zodiac Taurus sign

Cancer & Taurus

They are simply made for each other couple that has strong bonding with each other and known for excellent compatibility. Both come together and share a lot of similarities which makes them the perfect fit. The Earth and Water elements get infused to create great shapes. So is the relationship that has common goals like, family, home and stability. Apart your sensuality is at the same peak, which helps you understand each other’s feeling without even expressing it to another.
Both have materialistic approach that helps them understand the concerns about money, stability and safety. Along with this both loves luxuries and share passion for beautiful things which keep them attached to each other.

zodiac Aries sign

Cancer & Gemini

Gemini and Cancer makes the combination that is fairly compatible, but the road ahead is not that easy. You need to satiate the quenches that Cancer has with you. In this combination Cancer turns out to be too demanding both at the physical and emotional level, but doesn’t share the feeling openly which create conflicts. Gemini people are prone to spend a lot of time with the other people that lets the Cancer feel jealous and discarded.

You need to cut short your time from the external activities and need to dedicate it to your Cancer. This helps a lot in building a lasting relationship. Gemini also has to contribute their time to the house for making a lively relationship as Cancer people are quite homely people and it means everything for them in life.

zodiac Cancer sign

Cancer & Cancer

The squared Cancer is the combination that is good in terms of compatibility and has the relationship that is very charming. These two have similar passions and concerns that make them feel associated with each other at a larger level. Both have the same thought process that requires compassion and support from each other and want to stay in a cozy environment which makes them a perfect fit for each other.

Your similar qualities help you understand each other. The couple is destined to make a lasting relationship as both are capable to fulfill the desires of each other at every level. You both ride in the same boat so you can easily spend the good and bad times by keeping with the other’s side easily.

zodiac Leo sign

Cancer & Leo

This is a relationship that has both positive and negative aspects and can be sustained by sincere efforts made from both the sides. Cancer and Leo has to work hard for making the basic rules that help you in making a comfort zone for each other. This will help you to keep pace with each other and spend the low times easily without getting disturbed. Leo has the heart that can accommodate the Cancer with all its positive and negatives and make him/her feel safe in every condition.

You both make a fairly compatible relationship because Leos admire the creative cancers for all their passions and emotional favors. The only thing that needs to be worked out is to control the emotional disturbances the Cancer may have at times due to Leo’s dominant nature.

zodiac Virgo sign

Cancer & Virgo

When Cancer and Virgo make a bond that is supposed to be one of the best combinations that we may find in the astrological world. This becomes possible due to their abilities to adopt with each other. Both are highly compatible as Cancer brings in the emotion and Gemini, is known for the intellect. Thus, this is a bright combination of the emotions and systems that yields excellent results.
Cancer is full of emotions, and keeps on fluctuating while Gemini fastens him/her to the basic level of thinking making it possible to form a stable union. Both have the zeal to fulfill each other’s passion and lead to a life that is full of admiration for one another and a lot of passionate love.

zodiac Libra sign

Cancer & Libra

Cancer falls prey to the adorable Libra that brings in a lot of attraction in his/her life. The combination of the Air and Water doesn’t seem to be compatible at all, but you may give it a try. This relationship is largely based on the physical attractions and the charming Libra natives can make anyone to mesmerize by their persona. Cancer people are sensitive and find it quite interesting the way Libran details the things and act in their lives.

Soon the dream ends when the Libra starts returning to their lifestyle that is full of friends and activities. Cancer may feel discarded and this disrupts their moods which ultimately results in conflicts. Libra is contented to care for your emotions and may balance to the things provided Cancer learns to express his/her emotions clearly.

zodiac Scorpio sign

Cancer & Scorpio

The duo from the same family of the zodiac that represent the Water element is highly compatible with each other. Cancer has the ability to surrender in front of one s/he admires, and willingly follows him/her. This makes the cancer natives feel secure and gives them the sense of emotional stability. Scorpios are quite dominating in nature that matches the expectations of Cancer and let them open up easily.
Cancer feels secure and quite satiated with the contented behavior of Scorpio and get sentimentally attached to them easily because of the care that s/he has for him/her. Cancer has the ability to cope with the tremendous energy that Scorpio has and can easily manage to make him/her calm down.

zodiac Sagittarius sign

Cancer & Sagittarius

This is the volatile combination that is full of up and downs and fairly compatible if both can manage to compromise on some of the basic issues. Cancers are expecting the stability and compassionate behavior that they may or may not get from Sagittarius who is an ultimate energetic soul that keeps on moving in quench for knowledge and satisfaction.

They don’t sit at a place just to carry on the routine tasks and leverage the homely tasks in usual, manner like Cancers do. But if they manage to settle the things on a plane where Sagittarius gives the reasonable time for home and managing the financial and emotional security aspects Cancer’s sensitivity and mystic intellect may prove a boon for both.

zodiac Capricorn sign

Cancer & Capricorn

Cancer and Capricorn make quite compatible combination, as they belong to Water and Earth elements family and have some similar qualities. Both are positioned at opposite ends in the zodiac circle. You may or may not succeed in having a lasting relationship as there are some characteristics that may hamper your understanding. The relationship may last if you can manage the console the Capricorn and help him/her in conquering the state of indecision while the Capricorn extend the arms to help you in getting emotional stability.
If you both manage to support each other on the shortcomings, then you may achieve new heights because you form a balanced package that has everything emotions, imagination, and the capacity to work hard for shaping up the ideas.

zodiac Aquarius sign

Cancer & Aquarius

Cancer and Aquarius together make the combination which is built on contrast and considered as an incompatible match. You both belong to family of zodiac of two incompatible elements Water and Air.
The Aquarians are having an analytical approach towards things that tends them to make informed and calculative in decisions, while the Cancers are more prone to be carried away in emotional impulse.

This creates a lot of differences in opinion and action in the same situations. This becomes the reason for conflict and Aquarians are right most of the time. Therefore, Cancer has to make compromises for sustaining the relationship. Another point that disturb the Cancers is the insecurity that may increase at time due Aquarius’s reserve type of nature.

zodiac Pisces sign

Cancer & Pisces

Again the natives from the class of same element Water which rules the zodiac signs Cancer and Pisces. This is a highly compatible match that is wonderful in every sense. Both of them live in the world of imagination and their head is ruled by the heart. This makes them understand each other’s feeling at an optimum level and even Cancer can guess the things that Pisces wants to say intuitively.
Pisces loves to be governed and doesn’t have the capabilities of making independent decisions. Cancer takes in charge to control and show them their affection and care while Pisces find it easy to rely on others for their tasks. Both are compassionate and doesn’t want much hack in life.