Which zodiacs will have the most luck in love in 2017

Let’s put 2016 behind us

While many of us look forward to finding true love, many of us are apprehensive after having gone through some rough break ups or experienced some bad relationships. 2017 looks to be a good year in the love aspect for some zodiac.


2017 looks to be one of the best year for Cancers, not only for those already in a relationship but also for people that are single! 2016 has been a rather emotionally draining year for Cancers but they will gradually become more cheerful if they make the effort to meet more people.

If Cancers start to believe in themselves and portray their self-confidence, they will naturally attract others and find love rather easily. It’s looking to be a GREAT year ahead!


Pisces often appear to be open minded and friendly to others but deep down, they are rather lonely. Unless they have met their true love, they will be rather insecure. 2017 looks to be a great year where they will meet someone that have a similar personality, providing them a sense of security. More than likely, they will meet this special someone through introductions from a person they already know. Start looking out for that special someone!

№3 Taurus

Taurus often find it especially difficult to find love and more than often don’t seek out relationships unless they are interested in marriage. In 2017, the single Taurus will long for love and it will be a lucky year for them. They will find someone that share their burden and be of great company and support.

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