Tips to woo and seduce a woman based on her zodiac sign

9 out of 10 men suffered from rejections in their pursuit for love, yet they are not to blame. It is the lack of understanding that is the true culprit. If you can get a better understanding of the girl you are pursuing, you have a higher chance of succeeding!

It is important to let a girl know that you like her. Here are several tips when pursuing girls of different constellations.


Aries girl

  1. Just like boys, these girls are straight forward and prefer a guy that’s straightforward. If you are to go after one of them, remember not to pretend. Pretense repels them.
  2. You have a higher chance of succeeding if you hold a stronger position than her in career. You must take care of her in the career path, because she craves for security.
  3. Don’t be mindful of other competitors. You should be more worried if there aren’t any competitors. To Aries girls, competition drives their passion.
  4. Aries girls enjoy crowded and noisy places for dating. They prefer activities like karaoke, window shopping, and so on.
  5. You have to make yourself stand out in an Aries girl’s eyes. Avoid confining her too much and try to make her feel at home when being with you.

 Taurus girls

  1. The trick is to never turn her down in her time of need. Even if you can’t be of too much help, she would still appreciate some silent company.
  2. Taurus dislikes people irritating her. So avoid quarrels and give in as much as possible to her.
  3. Taurus girls can be romantic, but remember, don’t be impractically romantic with her. Send her some memorial little gift can be of great effect.
  4. Stay away from other girls when you are pursuing a Taurus. They tend to be easily jealous and if they think of you as being unfaithful, you may not be able to even be friends.
  5. Taurus girls prefer quiet romantic dates like walking on beaches and roaming about at night. If you kiss her at that moment, she will welcome you passionately.

 Gemini girls

  1. Be imaginative and romantic and have insight into their minds and hearts.
  2. Be intelligent and never let them think of you as being silly and confused. Gemini girls prefer smart boys.
  3. One important thing to note, do please take notice of her nuance feelings when you are together. You might have to take care of Gemini girls when you are in love, but Gemini girls will take care of you when you are finally together.
  4. Be a listener. Gemini girls are extremely talkative and you have to bear that if you want them as your girlfriend. Be sure to give her positive responses.
  5. They like dates to be enigmatic and surprising. This is in conformity with their nature. Send her some quality surprise gifts.

 Cancer girls

  1. Cancer girls are too shy to show their affection. If you are pursuing one of them, remember to be proactive. Be aggressive and active for her.
  2. If you want to leave a good impression on her, never speak too loudly. At least not in front of her family and friends. She will be embarrassed.
  3. Cancer girls are sensitive, emotional and insecure. Do give her a lot of promises and keep them, in this way you can built trust between each other.
  4. Don’t get too dressed up on a date. Cancer girls are somewhat insecure and you being overdressed will stress her out.
  5. Cancer girls enjoy the common yet romantic sort of date. A simple movie and dinner would be perfect.


  Leo girls

  1. Leo girls like taking charge and feeling like queens so satisfy her needs and follow her instructions.
  2. Be decisive when dealing with matters in front of her. Leo girls hate the feminine and indecisive kind of men.
  3. Don’t mention your career, no matter how successful it might be. Leos won’t care. They want tender love and a strong shoulder.
  4. They are proud girls, so never say anything against her family and her parents. That will make her doubt your quality.
  5. Leos like dates in crowded and noisy places. Praise her very often when you are dating, and discover all her advantages.

Virgo girls

  1. Virgos like pretty and good looking things. You have to look good, be presentable and polite.
  2. Slow down a little when pursuing her. They don’t like it too fast; it indicates to them that you may only have a temporary desire. They’ll think your feelings for her are false and you are merely playing with her.
  3. Don’t discuss marriage too early because marriage deters Virgo girls from falling in love. They prefer the long and stable relationship.
  4. Virgo girls tend to become insecure easily. Take some time to learn how to calm them down.
  5. They like very romantic dates. Don’t let anything go wrong in the meantime. What’s more, they prefer special gifts like pieces of arts and glass balls.

Libra girls

  1. Libra girls are like scales, they often swing. You have to get used to this balance-keeping movement of theirs.
  2. They know nothing about being romantic. If you want to go after one of these girls, learn to create romantic ambience.
  3. Libra girls don’t like calculative boys. Don’t gossip about others; don’t plan a plot against anyone in front of her. She will keep a safe distance from you if you do so.
  4. Libra girls fear loneliness yet she can sometimes be a bit of a loner. Give her some space and freedom when approaching her so that she won’t find you annoying or stifling. Just keep her company.
  5. Have your dates in elegant and romantic places like cafes. Send her some small gifts to make her happy.

 Scorpio girls

  1. Scorpio girls are passionate, but dangerous. Don’t act hasty or passionate in front of her, that will make her lose interest in you.
  2. Scorpios are highly skeptical. They tend to be very possessive and would constantly like to know what you are up to.
  3. Don’t make inappropriate jokes with her or play games with her. That is disrespectful in their eyes.
  4. In the process of pursuing Scorpio girls, they may come across as being cold. Don’t be discouraged by this. Hold on, they will soon be touched by you persistence.
  5. Take her for a ride into the quiet woods/park; send her a homemade gift. They will like it.


 Sagittarius girls

  1. Sagittarius girls are straightforward. You don’t have to be romantic to move her, just be brave and courageous to announce your love. They dislike indecisiveness.
  2. You can ask her out like a friend, because they like going out and hanging out in general. You can take this chance to impress her.
  3. Sagittarius girls dislike being deprived of their freedom, so don’t confine her too much. Give her space and privacy.
  4. Learn about her habits so you have something in common to discuss.
  5. Plan dates outdoors. Take her to sail to the seas or hike the mountains, that is where she will feel the most comfortable.

 Capricorn girls

  1. Capricorn girls put career first, and love second. Don’t interfere with her career when pursuing her. That will make her uncomfortable.
  2. Talk to her about your family as soon as possible. They like the feeling of being in a formal relationship.
  3. Be gentleman-like in front of her. She is conservative in nature and prefers men that are gentlemanly. If she thinks of you as too casual and indiscreet, she’ll just turn around and leave.
  4. One tip for Capricorn girls: develop your relationship with her parents and family. That is a shortcut to her heart
  5. Be able to hang out with her friends and relatives, that will earn you some brownie points. Remember to always be punctual, she hates people who are late.

  Aquarius girls

  1. Don’t try to seduce Aquarius girls right away. They don’t normally react very well to that. Start by being friends and when she is comfortable with you, your chances are higher.
  2. Aquarius girls like exploring. Try to create a mysterious facade, pretend to be a man of many secrets and Aquarius will be curious and intrigued.
  3. Aquarius likes to tests the boys. Don’t get angry when they cross the line a bit sometimes, they are just testing you.
  4. Make sure you are popular in her friends circle. They focus on relationships with their friends, and you can be a bigger part of her by being a part of her friend circle.
  5. Including her friends on an invitation out for a party can be a wise move.

 Pisces girls

  1. The natural tenderness of Pisces needs to be protected all the time. You have to be able to help her no matter in life or in career so she can be dependent on you.
  2. If you want to move a Pisces girl’s heart, you have to be a boy with a warm heart. Pisces girls are kind and helpful and they in turn like boys with similar characteristics.
  3. Say something sweet when with her.
  4. She is fragile. They sometimes cry when faced with oddity. You have to be there and keep her company as she will look to rely on you.
  5. Pisces girls tend to be emotional and sentimental. Plan romantic dates and prepare flowers and gifts.

Would you use any of these tips or have others to share? Leave a comment below.


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