Six ways Feng Shui can help improve your chances of finding love

Peach Blossom Feng Shui

You might have been hurt badly in a previous relationship and still unable to walk out from its shadow; maybe you are caught up in a relationship where no one is willing to give their blessings; maybe you are always searching, but the “one” that you are waiting for is nowhere to be seen.

You are still all alone by yourself no matter how much you desire to find the right person. Finding the destined one is often what everyone wants but often difficult to do,

Read on to learn 6 Feng Shui tips that can help you find the destined one.

  1. Place a red string under the pillow and love will soon follow

    redstring fengshui

Choose a lucky date, meditate, think of your wish piously, say it in your heart while putting a red string under your pillow and tie a knot to both ends of the string. On the night of the full moon, lay in bed and whisper out your thoughts.

  1. Place a live plant and take good care of it so it blossoms

    fengshui green plants

Put a pot of green plant that you like at a place where you spend most of your time when you are at your home (such as the on the desk). Take good care of it, and admire it when you are free.

Tips: It is better if you choose plants that signify happiness. Avoid plants with thorns such as roses and cactus

  1. Wear pink clothes and accessories, create a Peach Blossom aura

    pink clothes fengshui love

Pink clothes and accessories helps declare your feelings subtly. Maybe, there are people that already having a crush on you and simply lack the courage to show it.  Pink clothes and accessories will increase their confidence to confess their love to you.

  1. Buy furniture in warm tones help your luck in love grow

    warm tones furniture fengshui love luck

Furniture in cool tones will slowly have effects on the personalities and emotions of the resident. The resident may become more apathetic or cold and this is very unfavorable. Warm tones will unconsciously make people happy, warm and gentle. This will aid in making relationships with others better and have positive effects on your luck in love.

  1. Place auspicious decorations to enhance your luck with love


Trinkets, paintings, photographs, etc. that imply the meaning of harmony will form an auspicious aura, enhance your luck with love

  1. Wear a love charm will directly strengthen your luck with love

    love luck bracelet fengshui

A  charm that urges marriage and finding love will have more specific positive effect on your luck with love

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