Lee Min Ho & Suzy Bae tops compatible list based on face reading

Most compatible couple
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In a recent episode of the korean tv show, “The Girl Who Leapt Charts” , celebrity power couples were ranked based on highest compatibility done through face reading.

The face reading technique has been around for quite some time and has evolved along the way. It’s most popular in the Asian cultures and is known as Gwansang (관상) in Korea and Mian Siang (面相) in the Chinese culture. Through your facial features, it’s believed one’s personality can be known. In korea’s method of face reading, having wide spaces Between your eyebrows and eyes indicate someone that’s free spirited and easy going while narrow nose with large nostrils might indicate that someone’s quite the player.

A face reading done on the episode of the tv show ” The Girls Who Leapt Charts” highlighted Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae as being the most compatible couple based on their features. Their features indicate that they have characteristics in their personality that greatly compliement each other.

Per the face reading as reported by Soompi, Suzy’s baby hairs near her forehead reflect being full of emotions. Furthermore, her face shape indicates the characteristic of taking care of people and making them feel comfortable. As for Lee Min Ho, the broadcast claims that the shape of his lips implies stubbornness. The other couples that made the list were Choiza and Sulli at 3rd place , Uee and Lee Sang Yoon at 8th and Hani & Kim Junsu at 9th.

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