How to improve your wealth through fengshui

Methods to increase your wealth through fengshui



What are the methods to improve your wealth by utilizing Feng Shui?

When it comes to money, no one will dislike it but many of times you are in love with money, but money doesn’t love you back, as the saying goes 30% of luck and 70% of hard work. Many times, in order to bring in fortune, we must think of some ways. In this article, we will take you through how to increase your luck in wealth using Feng shui tips such changing your furniture, adding decorations or changing the layout of the house.

In life, not everyone can be prosperous, some can make great fortune overnight while some work their entire life remaining as a normal staff. This is what we call ‘fate’. If one has poor fortune and bad financial luck, we have to use Feng Shui to change our wealth luck. So, what are the ways of Feng Shui to encourage wealth luck?

Improve luck in wealth through light

First we can start with the decoration and layout of the furniture in your home. We all know that sunlight is dynamic, it brings us happy feelings. If the room lacks sunlight for a long time, it will increase the Yin aura and will have negative effects on our emotions and luck. It can cause us to feel depressed, have a lack of dedication in work, feel gloomy and after a long period of time it can cause us to fall sick too. If your house does not have enough natural lights, artificial lights can be added to increase the brightness. Open up the window more often and let the sunlight shine into the room as much as possible.

Surround yourself with colors that increase financial luck

While decorating your house using dark and heavy color tone may in trend, living in that environment for a long time may not be that good for you. The study room is strongly tied to your career so using heavy and dark tones is not recommended.  A dark colored study will suppress your career luck and may unconsciously cause one to have depression. When we are decorating we can use colors to adjust Feng Shui, choose colors that are brighter to increase your luck in wealth.

  1. Red color increases your luck in your career

Red color symbolizes vitality. if you place a red decoration or furniture at the east side of your house, it can increase one’s career luck, making one more motivated in work and subsequently gaining better result.

  1. Yellow color increases financial luck

Yellow color represents wealth. In a house, the west side controls the financial luck and career of the household members. Placing a yellow furniture or decoration at the west side can increase one’s financial luck, at the same time benefiting his/her career luck too.
3.White color is good for luck in health

White color signifies elegance. White crystals can bring positive energy, make our brain more alert and improve inspiration while working. White crystals can also discharge unclean gas from a human body, benefiting our physical health.

Take advantage of the financial position to improve luck in wealth

The corner opposite of the entrance of a home is called the financial position of the house. This position is related to the rise and fall of the whole household’s financial luck, career and reputation. Hence it is important to pay attention to the layout and the display of the financial position. If you’d like to improve your luck in wealth, optimize this financial position. It is better if the back of the financial position is a piece of stonewall, it represents that there is a protector that we can lean on and there will be no worries. In addition, it is better not to have an open window above the financial position. An open window will cause the financial luck to leak out. It is important to pay attention to the cleanliness of the financial position, objects need to be place neatly, and cleaning needs to be done well.

To encourage financial luck, one can choose to use enshrined Feng Shui objects that encourages wealth money.  The God of Wealth for example is able to stabilize the house and enable wealth to come through easily. However, when the God of Wealth is not respected, it can create the opposite effect.

Improve your luck in wealth by rearing fish

Keeping fish is a good choice!  While rearing fish can adjust the Feng Shui of the house, there are things we need to look out for.

  1. The shape of the fish tank matters

A round fish tank, belonging to the metal element, can bring prosperity and is perceived as being auspicious. Rectangle fish tank, belonging to the wood element is not the best but still acceptable. Square fish tank, belongs to the earth element, is not recommended. Earth is against water hence producing energy that fight against each other.


  1. The color of the fish matters

Rearing fish is very effective for bringing in wealth but you need to choose the correct color of the fish to ensure it is truly effective. Gold and white fish belongs to the metal element. The metal element brings water and hence encourage prosperity. Black, blue and grey fish belongs to the water element. Water can bring in wealth too. Green fish belongs to the wood element, and the wood element indicates leak watering, so power of encourage wealth is subsequently much weaker. Yellow or brown fish belongs to the earth element. Since earth is against water, it is not recommended.

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