Feng shui in your bedroom: 5 easy tips to bring harmony into your relationships

Still looking for the One? Or he's already been found, but the bed is getting cold? Don't you lose hope, try out these great tips for your home, and watch how the thousand-year-old wisdom of feng shui rejuvenates your relationships and lets all the positive energy take place in your rooms! by: Borsika


The love corner

Just like health or finances, love and relationships also has its own area in your flat, according to feng shui. More specifically, looking at the bagua-map, it can be spotted at the southwest region, or the corner on the right hand side, farthest from the entrance.

Whichever feng shui guidance you choose as the right one, always make sure that it is ruled by cleanliness and order, so that the flow of positive energy can move without restraint, and the negative energy will lose ground.

It is generally considered best to have your bedroom in this specific area; nevertheless, no need to be worried, if that’s not possible! If, for some reason, your flat is not fit for re-allocation, try using objects and decoration that would enhance the power of feng shui by suggesting happiness and love, such as plants, pictures, crystals, making sure to remember and apply the right colors and materials for this important corner.

The most important thing is to keep an open mind, and feng shui helps you to appreciate the small things in life – you don’t have to go overboard with it to make a difference quickly! Read these 5 helpful hints on how to attract the right energy and harmony into your love life.

1. Objects


Feng shui is not about materialism, but no one should not deny the effect of objects they choose to surround themselves with. Take a good look around your place, and decide if these things truly reflect your personality, and support your daily well-being?

Unknowingly, the environment you spend time in, influences the way you feel, and thus the way you interact with people. It’s up to you, whether it’s positive or not. We recommend wind chimes, especially if you’re looking to make a fresh start after a break up, or clear up the energies in your house.

2. Colors and materials

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Some people might think, that the feng shui love corner needs an all pink bedroom, or red candles everywhere. On the contrary, the area of love and relationships are resonating with the Earth element, and, as such, needs warm colors, to help emotions come to life. Additionally, you still should not forget the color red and pink, those being the colors of fire and passion. They would not hurt, would they?

First and foremost, think beige, wood colors, or even orange. Make sure that the materials used on your bed are comfortable, soft, and inviting.

3. Think in pairs


A relationship is made up of two, and this rule has to be remembered in the love area, too! It is important, that if you use any decorations, such as pictures, statues, candle holders, lamps, you get two of them, either matching, or a couple. Two matching objects create better energy than one lonely object.

4. Fresh plants


Feng shui does not want to tell you how to decorate your own living space, but keep in mind that it does prefer living plants, instead of dry or plastic flowers, especially in the area of love. Hibiscus, Lily, and Dianthus, especially when fresh, are great as these multiply and spread the chi, the positive energy. Be sure to keep them in pairs and to make sure they are healthy and looked after at all times.

Roses are not advised to be kept here, as its thorns are known to chase the positive energy away.

5. Don’t forget about the atmosphere!

After all these advices, the most important should be the last.

As mentioned before, it is not just about the objects and colors you’re using in the love corner of feng shui. This corner is entirely yours, and the one you’d like to share it with. Make sure you create and maintain a sensual, relaxing, even erotic atmosphere here, that would invite love and harmony into your life.

Things are not just kept in pairs, they should also harmonize with each other, and the rest of the room. It should genuinely calm anyone who enters down. Don’t let everyday stress overtake this corner! Listen to your favourite music, spend time with each other, and let your own energy fill up the room!

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