Donald Trump-like Zoltar Speaks fortune telling machine seen around NYC

Donald trump - a fortune teller?


As creepy as it seems, your wish is granted! Someone finally stuffed Donald Trump in a box! The machine is modeled after the antique arcade fortune teller called Zoltar Speaks, first seen in the 1988 film “Big.”

The machine shows a glowing red-eyed  Trump foretelling a very dark future where he has become president. 

“Hey, you look poor,” the machine said, according to The Washington Times. “Why don’t you come over here and stand in front of a rich puppet and I’ll tell you your future. All right, look into my crystal ball and see America’s future.”

The zoltar-like machine outside of the News Corp. building amongst other spots. According to the huffingtonpost,  take a gander at one prediction and see if you can tell the difference between this Donald and the one running for the nation’s highest office:

“I see a huge investment into a high-speed rail system. Very advanced and very fast. And we’re going to use it to deport 11 million illegal Mexicans.“And, by the way, I love the Mexican people. I love their spirit. I love their spirit! And I love packing them onto trains like cattle.”

Like Zoltar, this Trump machine hands out fortunes. Bad fortunes.

You’re better off getting advice and your fortune told by some real fortune tellers. Get a reading here from a less creepy character. 




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