How Dior combined the love for fashion and tarot

credit: Trend style


Maria Grazia Chiuri leaves Valentino to join Dior, being the first woman to ever head the house of Dior!
For her debut at Dior, Maria Grazia Chiuri played subtly with the house codes—side-buttoning jackets referred back to the couturier’s Oblique Line of 1950, while a scalloped lingerie number nodded to his “gilt moon”–festooned Mexique dress of 1951. Chiuri also referenced Monsieur Dior himself, sprinkling some of his lucky talismans, such as the number 8, clovers, and hearts, throughout.Highly superstitious and a regular visitor to clairvoyants, the house founder was said to have had his cards read before each show, which explains Chiuri’s finale of ethereal evening dresses with intricate tarot motifs. “Chance,” Dior once wrote, “always comes to the aid of those who really want something.” The women who get their hands on these dresses will be very lucky indeed.

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