Can a parrot predict your fortune?

In Singapore, it certainly can!


Singapore, a country of truly multicultural stance, where different religions and faiths are shared and tolerated. 

One can find many places of worship, with the most popular place of divination being the Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple, or The Temple of the Goddess of Mercy, in Bugis, counts as the most popular.  

The other building of outstanding importance, as far as fortune telling goes, is the Fu Lu Shou Complex, opened in 1983, is a shopping mall in the heritage district in Bugis, and one which has a number of shops specializing in fortune telling and feng shui reading.

Singapore is also bustling with many different religions that all seek to find inner balance and peace, and also offer the same to those who wish for it, like Buddhism, Taoism, or Sheonism (folk religion), making it all in all a religiously incredibly tolerant place. Still, people of a more religious status sometimes do not consider neither fortune telling nor feng shui masters to belong to their group, and many of these seers and spiritual advisors rely on word of mouth to get their services out to the public, operating in so-called public housing estates.

The Taoist temples are the ones that offer divination services the most likely, and they also often operate with one major deity around, such as Guan Yin, City God, or Grand Uncle. There are many temples dedicated to them around the country, so all it takes is a matter of finding the right one.

It is not luck – it is fortune

Fortune tellers differentiate heavily between those two terms; however, often as it happens, people are more curious about the winning numbers for 4-D.
There are many ways that one can read a person’s fortune, including palmreading, tarot cards, and of course, numerology. All of these are usually used in other Asian countries, as well, where one can find fortune tellers.

Among the more popular methods, one can find Zi Wei Dou Shu, which means “purple star calculation”, based on a person’s date of birth, or ba zi.

Even though there are some general guidelines to every method, each fortune teller will do a consultation in their own way. They can be self-learned, or have studied from a master. The most important thing is to take in the behaviour of the customer, and the way they carry themselves during the session.

These fortune telling vendors are sometimes handed down from generation to generation, making them an important part of history.


The parrot astrologer

Fortune tellers, who use birds, traditionally parrots, are called parrot astrologer. They stand out even from the already highly mixed crowd of street vendors on the Singaporean sideroads.

According to this, it is actually the parrot or parakeet that is picking the cards (either one or several), and then it is up to the fortune teller to share the message of the cards with the customer.

Parrot astrologers first appeared back in the 19th century in Singapore, and allegedly arrived from India, but these days, this also belongs to a trade slowly disappearing. 

Amulets from Singapore

Amulets are very popular spiritual items, still enjoying attention of buyers, especially women, who have recently become interested in the items of Fox Fairies, or Hu Xian, keeping it with themselves in order to invoke the power of Fox Spirits in Love, mainly, as it is said, that the Fox Spirit can help its worshippers to become more desirable.

There are certain rules to wearing them however, among the most important are the following:

  1. Wear the amulet with faith and respect
  2. Donate to the temple(s) in order to gain merits
  3. Wear real amulets, blessed by masters (not factory made ones)
  4. Don’t wear the amulet to a place of more improper purpose (nightclub, f.x.)

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