Aquarius & Aries

This is the great combination that gives both equal opportunities to explore the adventures and enjoy a beautiful relationship with each other. Aries and Aquarius represent Fire and Air which, when combined create an amazing love. When Aires comes with Aquarius the adventures being nonstop and both are engulfed in their thrilling activities. The tremendous energy of Aries and contemporary mood of Aquarius gives them the chances to enjoy the life at its best.

Both are a bit rebellious in attitude and doesn’t think anything as impossible or binding to them. The only thing that you need to take care of is about the keeping the constant dialogue with each other. Any sort of communication gap may lead to deterioration of the relationship.


Aquarius & Taurus

Taurus and Aquarius make the combination that is falling short in terms of compatibility. This is a dull combination that brings the Earth and Air together and which has no anchors to fasten the pull of attraction.
Aquarius has a charming personality with some mysterious element which often portrays them as a cold person. This attracts the Taurus towards them, but when Aquarius opens up, things are quite different which baffles both of them. The contrasts of their characteristics make them incompatible with each other.

Taurus doesn’t have the tolerance to cope up with the ardent energy that Aquarius brings in their life and their rebellious thoughts and behavior becomes the root cause of conflicts.


Aquarius & Gemini

Aquarius and Gemini make a fairy tale couple together .Gemini has ideas to give and Aquarius has the skill to take and execute them .Their love is more to do with intelligent inetractions,socializing together and going on trips.Since both are air signs they generally flutter around on the same level of intelligence.They both will love taking part in mental excercises and constructive activities.

The only hitch here is that both the signs also need some time to relax and also maintain their health and body .They both love to spend time together which can wear them out .Taking care of themselves by having massages and indulging in sweet love games can ensure that this alliance reaches the highest level of sweet bliss


Aquarius & Cancer

Cancer and Aquarius together make the combination which is built on contrast and considered as an incompatible match. You both belong to family of zodiac of two incompatible elements Water and Air.
The Aquarians are having an analytical approach towards things that tends them to make informed and calculative in decisions, while the Cancers are more prone to be carried away in emotional impulse.

This creates a lot of differences in opinion and action in the same situations. This becomes the reason for conflict and Aquarians are right most of the time. Therefore, Cancer has to make compromises for sustaining the relationship. Another point that disturb the Cancers is the insecurity that may increase at time due Aquarius’s reserve type of nature.


Aqurius & Leo

Aquarius over analytical nature can easily hurt a Leo’s ego. Aquarius can be distant and pretend to not have feelings which can make a Leo take this as rejection. Aquarius will not appreciate a Leo’s over dramatic nature and will not let you rule the roost. Since Aquarius is too independent don’t expect it to take your domination.

Aquarius is a good listener for your ideas and may help you in their great execution .Aquarius lives its passion differently .S/he loves but not the way a Leo does .Aquarius leads with his mind while a Leo with his heart .If you can be the friend the Aquarius needs this alliance can be long term .Your Aquarius will respect you but maybe not the way you need so get used to it.


Aquarius & Virgo

The relationship between the Virgo, an earth sign, and the Aquarius, and Air sign, is very questionable. They do have quite a few similarities, but more often are not, those similarities are inadequate to sustain a long, healthy relationship.
While the Aquarius is a dreamer, unobservant and air-headed, Virgo tends to be stubborn, meticulous and practical. This might lead to a lot of clashes between the two signs, which is unhealthy in the long run. Though both of them connect to each other at a higher intellectual level, they are often at war with their approach towards the same. The Virgo also, quite often, tends to suffocate the Aquarius, which then quits as soon as it sees an opportunity. Therefore, a relationship between these signs is not built to last very long.


Aquarius & Libra

While Libra and Aquarius are both Air signs, they are perfectly compatible, apart from some minor glitches.
Then again, they have different ideologies. While an Aquarius is muddled and vague, a Libra has precise, clear-cut ideas, and works on them. An Aquarius is very involved with abstract concepts, whereas a Libra is more realistic and down to earth.
Also, since both the signs are not into leading a domestic life, settling down together could become a problem. Financials could be in grave danger since both are spendthrifts, and often are careless with money.
They are sensually very attracted to one another, since they are both of an experimental nature. It might be a bit dangerous though, since an Aquarius tends to get bored very quickly and then drift off somewhere else.


Aquarius & Scorpio

Aquarius takes any relationship as a way of enlarging his knowledge as it is a very detached sun sign .This can cause discontent as any time Aquarius will spend time with his friends, leaving you at home she might not even realize that you are upset about it.The desire to be independent is so big for an Aquarian that he may not understand your possessiveness, forget abiding with your rules.

You love staying at home while Aquarius wants change and staying at home gives him a trapped feel .S/he wants to roam, meet friends and find out what’s happening. Since both are fixed signs it is difficult to make anyone change or convince and any small argument can escalate into something big. Most fights start with the Aquarius need to be independent which can sometimes get on your nerves dear Scorpio.


Aquarius & Sagittarius

Sagittarius is keen on his/her own opportunity and in the lasting enterprise of life; Aquarius is occupied with the welfare of the mankind and in the flexibility of the person when all is said in done. The sensual fascination amongst Sagittarius and Aquarius will invigorate them rationally as a matter of first importance, and the significant fuel of their relationship will be the colossal human causes or the eventual fate of humankind at a planetary scale. Provocative and intriguing, earnest and open, Sagittarius and Aquarius make a dynamic, prominent, creative couple, of common participation and complementarity. Each of them can bolster the other's advancement. Normal interests and comparative dreams on adoration permit them to end up an enduring couple, particularly if there is an imaginative objective. 

Aquarius & Capricorn

It is an interesting pair ,but it is a rare combination as these two signs don’t need each other much too often .Capricorn can temper Aquarius lack of care and Aquarius can suggest better aims to a Capricorn.While Capricorn is moral and responsible the Aquarius is a person who looks for progress and adventure.The resources which a Capricorn gathers carefully are often wasted by Aquarius .

Aquarius loves space while Capricon is concerned for time .That is why Aquarius lives boundlessly and a Capricorn is said to live agelessly.That is the areason why this alliance can be short and spontaneous or elaborate and eternal.If they truly love each other then their pairing can give a great gift to the society.


Aquarius & Aquarius

Two Aquarius get along so well you may think they are planning on some great planetary discovery .They protect each other against any setbacks. They know the art of gaining time – by inventing or innovating or practicing a great social network. This dynamic alliance is sometimes too difficult for others to comprehend.They will love to bring a new dynamism to this relationship.

Two Aquarius thinks alike and come to a mutual understanding on a spiritual or telepathic level.With time they may be able to synchronize their activities, such that it benefits the creations of this world.Sometimes their intellectual interactions may be more exciting than the love making.Their imaginative nature together yields a fruitful relationship which is able to transcend all borders of spiritual fulfillment .


Aquarius & Pisces

Aquarius and Pisces, is a relation of commitment and sacrifice.This is a couple where both partners have their own duality .The Pisces will choose the direction the relationship will take while Aquarius will advise if this is the correct direction.They will have a peaceful marriage in normal situations but this couple can also provide great qualities at trying times.

Aquarius is a lover of everything because his nature is solar while a Pisces loves everything because s/he has a sensitive nature and derives pleasure by taking on himself others pain.Both are charitable and find pleasure in the happiness and welfare of other people .They considered themselves fulfilled when they go out of their limits to serve others and experience spiritual connections.